Bobby Moynihan Says Danny DeVito 'Attacked' Him At A Party -- And It Was Cool

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Bobby Moynihan earned immoderate attraction a fewer years backmost for impersonating Danny DeVito connected “Saturday Night Live” ― astir memorably, it turns out, from the “Batman Returns” histrion himself. (Watch the video below.)

Moynihan recalled connected “Late Night with Seth Meyers” Monday that helium took 2 precocious schoolhouse friends to a enactment aft 1 of his “SNL” sendups of DeVito.

As helium was walking past a car, Moynihan remembered being yanked by the cervix and reasoning helium was nether assault.

It was really DeVito himself, who demanded, “You deliberation it’s comic playing me?”

But DeVito instantly fto spell and lightened up, saying “I emotion ya, kid,” Moynihan recollected.

Moynihan, present a regular connected NBC’s “Mr. Mayor,” couldn’t person been much pleased to beryllium ambushed by the “Taxi” great.

“I conscionable got attacked by Danny DeVito successful beforehand of my precocious schoolhouse buddies,” helium said to Meyers. “I’ve made it.”

Fast-forward to 5:40 for the DeVito memory:

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