BP’s Quarterly Profit Rises as Oil and Gas Prices Soar

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Business|BP’s nett rises arsenic lipid and state prices soar.


A BP lipid  level    successful  the North Sea. BP’s quarterly net  were lifted arsenic  the terms  of lipid  has risen steadily implicit    the past   year.
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Stanley Reed

  • Nov. 2, 2021, 7:48 a.m. ET

BP said Tuesday that higher lipid and earthy state prices had led to sharply higher net successful the 3rd quarter. The institution said that its “underlying replacement outgo profit” for July done September was $3.3 billion, compared with $86 cardinal successful the play a twelvemonth earlier.

Prices for lipid person steadily risen implicit the past twelvemonth arsenic economies person expanded since pandemic lockdowns, and BP joined different lipid companies successful reporting a large leap successful quarterly earnings.

BP, which is based successful London, said that it received astir $66.39 connected mean for a tube of lipid successful the quarter, compared with $37.77 successful the earlier period. BP besides said it earned $868 cardinal from its number holding successful the Russian lipid giant, Rosneft, compared with a $278 cardinal nonaccomplishment a twelvemonth ago.

Analysts said the results were somewhat amended than forecasts.

“Rising commodity prices surely helped,” the main executive, Bernard Looney, said successful a statement.

Acknowledging the relation that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies person played successful lifting prices successful caller months, BP said that the producers’ “decision making connected accumulation levels continues to beryllium a cardinal origin successful lipid prices.”

OPEC and its allies, including Russia, are expected to conscionable connected Thursday to sermon accumulation levels. President Biden is leaning connected them to accelerate their gait of expanding output to bring down gasoline prices for consumers. Brent crude, the planetary benchmark, is present selling for astir $85 a barrel.

BP held its dividend dependable for the 4th astatine 5.46 cents per share, and announced a $1.25 cardinal stock buyback.

On a telephone with analysts, Mr. Looney shrugged disconnected what whitethorn beryllium increasing pressures to interruption up large lipid companies. Recently, Third Point, a New York-based money absorption firm, suggested that Royal Dutch Shell, BP’s rival, could beryllium substantially much valuable if breached up into an lipid concern and a little c vigor business.

“We are not proceeding that telephone from our investors,” Mr. Looney said.

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