Brad Raffensperger Refused Trump’s Attempt To Steal Georgia. Now He’s Doomed.

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Brad Raffensperger believes Republicans tin triumph elections by promoting an “uplifting imaginativeness for the country.” The Georgia caput of authorities is simply a nationalist sanction due to the fact that helium pushed backmost connected erstwhile President Donald Trump’s lies astir the 2020 election, and refused Trump’s repeated attempts to “find” votes to overturn the results.

Brad Raffensperger is besides politically doomed.

He is seeking reelection successful Georgia, wherever a crowded tract of superior candidates person lined up to dethrone a antheral present considered nationalist force No. 1 by adherents of the MAGA movement. Almost cipher thinks helium tin win.

“He’s dormant successful the water,” Jay Williams, a Georgia GOP consultant, told HuffPost.

“There is nary mode Brad Raffensperger tin triumph the primary,” said Leo Smith, different longtime Republican strategist successful the state.

Raffensperger’s pariah presumption is simply a blinking alert that the Republican Party has truthful wholly morphed into a right-wing authoritarian governmental task that it cannot tolerate the beingness of an elections authoritative who defends the legitimacy of American elections. Republicans and Democrats successful Georgia are already proceeding arsenic though Rep. Jody Hice (R-Ga.) ― who doubly voted to contention the results of the 2020 election, referred to the Jan. 6 rally that prefaced the Capitol insurrection arsenic a “1776 moment,” and unsurprisingly earned Trump’s endorsement ― volition beryllium the GOP nominee for Georgia’s caput of authorities adjacent year.

Raffensperger has amassed nary large endorsements and has struggled to triumph adjacent minimal enactment successful straw polls astatine Republican events crossed Georgia, an unprecedented autumn for an incumbent successful a caput of authorities race. Meanwhile, the authorities legislature, controlled by his ain party, stripped him of his spot connected the authorities predetermination committee for the 2022 predetermination purely due to the fact that helium certified Trump’s loss.

In an interrogation with HuffPost successful conjunction with the merchandise of his publication this week, Raffensperger expressed longing for his imaginativeness of the Republican Party of the past, describing his admiration for erstwhile presidents Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln. He said helium plans to “continue to conscionable calmly and respectfully authorities what the facts are” astir the 2020 election, and emphasized the request to perceive to the different broadside of the aisle.

But don’t confuse him for a just predetermination crusader: Raffensperger is desperately trying to amusement that, contempt past year’s apostasy, helium agrees with the mainstream GOP rule that lone Republicans should beryllium allowed to triumph elections. He embraced the authorities legislature’s restrictive elections instrumentality that reduces elector entree portion allowing governmental partisans to purge section predetermination boards and regenerate them arsenic they spot fit.

Raffensperger refused to crook  to Trump's unit   to overturn the state's predetermination  results successful  2020.
Raffensperger refused to crook to Trump's unit to overturn the state's predetermination results successful 2020.

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Raffensperger is openly campaigning for a partisan reappraisal sheet to usage the caller instrumentality to purge the predetermination committee successful Fulton County ― which is 44% Black, and which Joe Biden won with 76% of the ballot ― and name a caller director, apt 1 much ideologically aligned with Republicans. He has embraced the conspiratorial connection that helium erstwhile rejected, attacking the caller Fulton County predetermination committee chair, Cathy Woolard, arsenic a stooge of erstwhile (and apt future) Democratic gubernatorial campaigner Stacey Abrams, due to the fact that Woolard antecedently worked for Abrams’ nonprofit Fair Fight Action.

“The crushed wherefore Brad Raffensperger is present equivocating is that helium has to triumph a superior against a rabid Republican basal that wants statement with Trump and what they judge to person happened successful the 2020 election,” Smith, the Republican strategist, said. “It seems a small Pollyannaish. But the information is, helium has nary prime but to effort to thread the needle.”

Raffensperger has apt calculated ― astir apt correctly ― that helium indispensable formed uncertainty connected elections successful Georgia, peculiarly those tally successful counties with ample Black populations, successful bid to entreaty to the agrarian achromatic Republican basal that believes Trump’s lies. But helium needs to clasp these lies for the aforesaid crushed helium lacks credibility connected them: He rejected Trump’s lies and certified Biden’s win. This concern is 1 of Raffensperger’s, and the Republican Party’s, ain making.

A Catch-22

Trump’s elector fraud lies did not look from nowhere. They were seeded by Republican politicians falsely alleging elector fraud by maligning Black, Latino, Native American and pupil voters for decades.

“We got each the complaints of ghetto grandmothers who didn’t person commencement certificates and each that,” erstwhile Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal, a Republican, said astir the expected request for strict elector recognition erstwhile moving for bureau successful 2009. (He aboriginal apologized, saying his words were taken “out of context” and were “in nary mode meant to offend anyone.”)

Soon aft Deal’s “ghetto grandmothers” comment, Brian Kemp ― contiguous the governor, but astatine the clip Georgia’s recently elected caput of authorities ― indicted 12 Black activists and charged them with 120 felonies related to elector fraud. The Quitman 10+2, arsenic the radical of Black activists, astir of them women, came to beryllium called, successfully and legally organized Black residents successful the metropolis of Quitman to registry and ballot successful elections for the archetypal time, allowing Black candidates to triumph power of the schoolhouse board. But Kemp alleged they did truthful illegally, based connected grounds from section achromatic residents who claimed fraud.

Republican politicians crossed Georgia touted the charges arsenic impervious that elections were corrupted with fraud, particularly wherever the numbers of Black voters were growing. Kemp, successful a preview of Trump, said astatine the clip helium was “fighting to support the integrity of our elections.” But it turned retired that the elector fraud allegations were fraudulent themselves. Only 1 of the 12 Quitman activists went to trial, wherever she was acquitted connected each counts. Charges were dropped against the different 11, 1 of whom had died by that point. The lone “crime” they’d committed was successfully organizing a politically dormant Black population.

The Quitman witch hunt foreshadowed Trump’s complaints, years later, astir excessively galore Black radical voting successful cities similar Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia and Milwaukee.

Raffensperger earned Trump’s endorsement during the runoff predetermination successful 2018, which helium yet won. Throughout that race, Raffensperger promised to “protect” and fortify elector ID laws successful an effort to guarantee that “only American citizens tin vote” ― a motion to the racist and xenophobic conspiracies that Trump, Kemp and different Republicans had peddled astir undocumented immigrants tainting American elections.

“People similar Brad were dilatory connected the uptake connected the informing signs. If you’re going to plaything punches astir however our enactment and our grassroots request to beryllium acrophobic astir radical providing misinformation, the champion mode to plaything that punch is by providing close information.”

- Leo Smith, Georgia GOP consultant

Raffensperger besides pledged to proceed the purges Kemp had utilized to region hundreds of thousands of names from Georgia’s elector rolls ― a signifier that Kemp argued was meant to wide the registrations of radical who hadn’t precocious formed ballots, but that inevitably ensnared thousands of voters who’d planned connected participating successful the 2018 election.

By then, it was evident that the GOP’s conspiracies risked swallowing the enactment full and pushing American ideology to the brink. Trump had openly suggested helium mightiness not admit the results of the 2016 predetermination if helium lost, and repeatedly dispersed lies astir fraud adjacent aft helium won. It was wide adjacent erstwhile Raffensperger took bureau successful 2019 that Trump was laying the groundwork to assertion that the lone imaginable mode helium could suffer the 2020 predetermination would beryllium if it was stolen from him.

The raft of voting changes made during the pandemic, and the inevitable counting delays associated with them, lone made that easier. But alternatively of educating voters astir however elections work, wherefore 2020 would beryllium different, the information that determination has been nary wide fraud successful immoderate caller American election, oregon what predetermination officials bash to close mistakes and audit authoritative results, Republicans similar Raffensperger stood idly by.

“People similar Brad were dilatory connected the uptake connected the informing signs,” Smith said. “If you’re going to plaything punches astir however our enactment and our grassroots request to beryllium acrophobic astir radical providing misinformation, the champion mode to plaything that punch is by providing close information.”

Instead, Raffensperger tried to person it some ways. He played the diligent elections bureaucrat portion besides fearmongering astir nonexistent elector fraud. He appointed a 12-member absentee ballot fraud task unit made up astir wholly of achromatic Republican prosecutors, an enactment affirming the precise fears of nonexistent elector fraud that fed Trump’s lies. And helium reached a colony with Abrams ― a erstwhile Georgia authorities typical ― and the authorities Democratic Party implicit allegations that Black and Latino voters had been illegally discriminated against successful past elections. The colony made it easier for voters to hole errors connected absentee ballots aft submission, and ended up prompting much lies from Trump aft helium mislaid Georgia successful 2020.

Many Republican voters didn’t o.k. of Raffensperger’s statement with Abrams, whose 2018 gubernatorial run and ongoing efforts to registry voters and crook Georgia bluish made her the archenemy of the Georgia GOP. They besides opposed Raffensperger’s determination to message retired absentee ballots en masse up of the 2020 election, 1 of a litany of changes helium introduced to marque voting safer and easier during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“If Trump had won, he’d inactive person problems with the base,” Williams, the GOP consultant, said.

Raffensperger’s determination to situation Trump, and the cognition that helium leaked the details of the infamous telephone call wherever Trump demanded that helium assistance “find” the votes indispensable to overturn the election, lone angered Republican voters adjacent more.

“He’s not large capable to spell retired and commencement pushing radical around, and erstwhile helium tried to bash that, it didn’t enactment precise well,” Williams said. “He’s not a large capable canine to get into that fight. He’s an obscure caput of authorities getting successful a combat with a precise popular, with the base, erstwhile president ... I deliberation determination are Republicans who hold that the predetermination wasn’t stolen that inactive don’t similar what helium did.”

But adjacent if that’s true, the base’s angst is rooted successful the thought that Raffensperger made it excessively casual to ballot during the 2020 elections, particularly for Black and different marginalized Georgians. Combine that with the wide content that the predetermination was stolen from Trump ― a prevarication that astir fractional of each Republican voters judge arsenic gospel ― and the effect is the present-day Republican Party, which appears acceptable to nominate adherents of the Big Lie successful large races crossed the state adjacent year.

A Dangerous Replacement

Hice, the congressman who threw his chapeau into the caput of authorities contention this year, is the astir salient of those predetermination skeptics moving for bureau successful Georgia. A erstwhile Baptist minister, Hice launched his run by arguing that Raffensperger and different Republicans had “compromised” the integrity of Georgia’s elections and shown insufficient deference to Trump.

If Hice wins, Georgia’s apical elections bureau would beryllium manned by idiosyncratic who believes, oregon astatine slightest says helium believes, the 2020 predetermination was stolen. And contempt the Georgia GOP’s efforts to weaken the relation of caput of authorities — a ploy, immoderate Democrats believe, to hamstring the bureau successful lawsuit a Democrat wins it — Hice would presume tremendous powerfulness implicit however elections are administered, and the authorization to determine however and whether to reappraisal oregon certify them afterward.

U.S. Rep. Jody Hice (R-Ga.), a campaigner  for Georgia caput   of authorities   and a proponent of Trump's predetermination  lies, waves to the assemblage  during a rally featuring Trump connected  Sept. 25 successful  Perry, Georgia.
U.S. Rep. Jody Hice (R-Ga.), a campaigner for Georgia caput of authorities and a proponent of Trump's predetermination lies, waves to the assemblage during a rally featuring Trump connected Sept. 25 successful Perry, Georgia.

Sean Rayford via Getty Images

After the 2024 statesmanlike election, Hice, arsenic Georgia’s caput of state, could asseverate without grounds that determination was elector fraud successful Fulton County oregon immoderate different Democratic-leaning county. According to Rick Hasen, an predetermination instrumentality adept astatine the University of California, Irvine, this could pb the authorities legislature to beforehand an alternate slate of electors to Congress, arsenic Trump wanted them to bash successful 2020.

Hice could besides usage the caller predetermination instrumentality to instrumentality implicit much region predetermination boards and insert supporters of Trump’s lies to tally them, letting them bash everything successful their powerfulness to depress turnout. He could prosecute successful elector purges oregon different acts to marque it harder for definite communities to vote. Or helium could perchance change the votes of definite counties, arsenic Trump wanted Raffensperger to do.

“It makes maine tense to person idiosyncratic who either really believes oregon states that helium believes that the 2020 predetermination was stolen from Trump to person that idiosyncratic moving an predetermination going forward,” Hasen said.

But conscionable arsenic Raffensperger has recovered himself stuck successful a Catch-22 successful his bid for reelection, the Republican Party whitethorn person gotten itself into a akin jam.

“This combat among Republicans implicit the large prevarication could extremity up backfiring successful a authorities similar Georgia,” Hasen said.

Abrams is apt to tally for politician against Kemp again adjacent year, with the afloat powerfulness of her fearsome turnout instrumentality boosting some her and the apt Democratic caput of authorities nominee, authorities Rep. Bee Nguyen. If Hice is connected the ballot, absorption to him volition surely pull much attraction and wealth to enactment Nguyen. And Hice is apt to bash worse successful the areas wherever helium needs to overperform, similar the Atlanta suburbs and exurbs, than a campaigner similar Raffensperger. These are the counties wherever erstwhile GOP Sen. David Perdue, portion inactive losing, outperformed Trump successful 2020.

“In the end, it could payment Democrats, but it seems similar a precise unsafe anticipation that idiosyncratic similar Hice could beryllium elected,” Hasen said. “You’ve got to beryllium cautious what you privation for.”

Democrats, though, aren’t wishing for a combat with Hice truthful overmuch arsenic they are hoping Georgia survives it. That Raffensperger’s last-minute basal against Trump rendered him persona non grata successful the GOP proves “that Republicans are doubling down connected the large lie, and that they haven’t learned from 2020 oregon 2021 that that is not what Georgians want,” Nguyen told HuffPost this week. With the GOP seemingly acceptable to nominate Hice successful spot of Raffensperger, that leaves lone 1 question for Georgians up of adjacent year’s election.

“Are you for democracy, oregon are you against democracy?” Nguyen said. “It’s nary longer a partisan issue, it’s not astir being a Republican oregon a Democrat oregon an independent. It’s astir preserving the sanctity of our country. If we don’t bash that, we’re going to beryllium successful a truly unsafe spot for a agelong time.”

Raffensperger, successful each likelihood, volition beryllium near to thin to a beingness upended by the 2020 predetermination and his determination not to spell on with Trump’s plot. In his book, helium writes astir the interaction that Trump’s lies had connected his family’s security. He notes that Trump called him “an force of the people,” and says it’s “a operation erstwhile utilized successful Nazi Germany against Jews and successful the Soviet Union by Joseph Stalin against anyone who disagreed with him.”

Raffensperger writes explicitly that helium thinks Trump was threatening him, successful bid to unit him to “find” votes to marque the erstwhile president the artificial victor successful Georgia.

“I felt past ― and inactive judge contiguous ― that this was a threat,” helium writes. “Others evidently thought so, too, due to the fact that immoderate of Trump’s much extremist followers person responded arsenic if it was their work to transportation retired this threat.”

He ends his publication with a telephone for amended radical to tally for office. “If we don’t person radical of the highest quality tally for elected office, we volition proceed to combat disinformation, misinformation, and outright deception, and the extremity effect volition beryllium an erosion of nationalist trust,” helium writes. “We request the radical who clasp nationalist bureau to continually strive for the noble causes successful beingness with noble behavior.”

Given each that, HuffPost asked, would Raffensperger ballot for Trump if he’s the 2024 Republican statesmanlike nominee?

Raffensperger didn’t reply for a fewer seconds.

“I deliberation that’s truthful acold retired successful the future, I don’t adjacent deliberation he’s announced he’s moving yet,” helium yet said. “So let’s ellipse backmost and speech astir that successful the future.”

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