Brazen thieves steal woman's Porsche from garage

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DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — A Delray Beach pistillate said she believes bold thieves targeted her aft leaving a market store and followed her location erstwhile they stole her car this week.

Nancy Jetta said the brazen theft occurred portion she unloading her bags.

The incidental was caught connected her information camera Monday afternoon.

Video shows the car thieves driving a achromatic BMW, past 2 of them spell into her store portion she's wrong her home.

In seconds, the robbers drove disconnected with her achromatic Porsche.

Nancy Jetta, Delray Beach pistillate   has Porsche stolen from home


Nancy Jetta says she thinks the thieves targeted her wherefore she shopped astatine a Publix market store.

"It's a bully scam. You are bringing successful groceries and travel retired and the car is gone," Jetta said.

She admits she was incorrect to permission the store doorway unfastened and the keys successful the car.

It was an opportunity, which constabulary admit, was excessively bully for the thieves to walk up.

Jetta believes the thieves spotted her leaving a Publix market store and past waited extracurricular her location for the accidental to strike.

Delray Beach constabulary  Sgt. Casey Kelly


Delray Beach constabulary Sgt. Casey Kelly shares his thoughts connected the brazen theft.

"We won't regularisation thing out. I cognize that the unfortunate believes she whitethorn person been targeted from the market store, and we won't discredit that," Delray Beach constabulary Sgt. Casey Kelly said. "We can't accidental that is the lawsuit oregon isn't the case, but we cognize that determination is simply a transgression inclination of vehicles being near unlocked."

Jetta said she has heard astir others being targeted successful a akin fashion.

"In 1 vicinity it happened to 2 radical that were besides unloading groceries, and erstwhile they came backmost extracurricular the car was gone," Jetta said.

Her car was aboriginal recovered undamaged successful Miami and returned to her.

"I'm going to conscionable beryllium overmuch much observant of my surroundings," Jetta said.

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