Brazilian man survives 11 days in ocean floating alone in a freezer

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(CNN)A Brazilian antheral reportedly survived 11 days successful the Atlantic Ocean past month, taking refuge wrong a freezer aft his vessel sank, according to CNN affiliate Record TV.

The man, Romualdo Macedo Rodrigues, is simply a fisherman. During a sportfishing travel successful aboriginal August that was expected to past 3 days, cracks successful his vessel started filling with water, sinking the vas disconnected the seashore of bluish Brazil. He was capable to leap wrong the floating cooler to enactment alive, and a radical of fishermen recovered him 11 days aboriginal disconnected the seashore of Suriname.

According to Record TV helium was treated astatine a infirmary successful Suriname and detained by authorities for a fewer days due to the fact that helium didn't person due documentation. Now's he's backmost successful Brazil. "I was calved again. I thought I wouldn't beryllium telling this story, but I'm backmost here," helium added.

    "I was desperate. I thought my extremity was coming. But acknowledgment God, God gave maine 1 much chance," Rodrigues told Record TV. "I saw it (freezer) wasn't sinking. I jumped (inside it), it fell to 1 broadside and kept normal."

      The fisherman says helium doesn't cognize however to swim.

      "Sharks were surrounding the freezer, but they went away. I thought (I would beryllium attacked). I stayed connected the apical (of the freezer), I didn't sleep, I didn't sleep. I saw the dawn, the dusk, asking God to nonstop idiosyncratic to rescue me." Eventually h2o started to creep wrong the freezer, and helium says helium utilized his manus to scoop it out. He didn't person nutrient oregon water.

      "I was reasoning astir my kids, my wife. Every time I was reasoning astir my mother, my father, each my family. It gave maine spot and anticipation ... but astatine the infinitesimal I thought determination was nary different way," helium told Record TV.

          When the fishermen arrived, helium said: "I heard a noise, and determination was a vessel connected apical of the freezer. Only they thought determination was nary 1 there. Then they dilatory pulled over, my imaginativeness was already fading, past I said, 'My God, the boat.' I raised my arms and asked for help." Rodrigues was thankful to survive.

          "That freezer was God successful my life. The lone happening I had was the freezer. It was a miracle."

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