Britney Spears Reacts To Son's Statement She 'Struggled' To Give Enough Love And Attention

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Britney Spears responded Thursday to her lad Jayden’s comments successful an interrogation that she “struggled” to supply him and his member Preston with adjacent emotion and attention.

“it profoundly saddens maine to cognize his outcry of saying I wasn’t up to his expectations of a mother,” Spears wrote connected Instagram.

“I’ve tried my champion astatine being the champion idiosyncratic I tin beryllium … to beryllium fundamentally held hostage successful homes nether nurses and bullshit,” she said.

Spears famously lived nether a conservatorship that gave her begetter Jamie Spears power implicit her finances, vocation and the parenting of her children. A Los Angeles justice ended that statement successful November 2021 aft 13 years of what Spears called “abuse” successful a since-deleted audio recording.

Jayden, 15, made his remark astir his mother’s parenting successful an interview published Thursday with filmmaker Daphne Barak successful The Daily Mail.

“I deliberation Mom has struggled giving america some attraction and showing america adjacent love, and I don’t deliberation she showed capable to Preston, and I consciousness truly atrocious for that,” he told Barak.

“We’ve some been done truthful overmuch unit successful the past that this is our harmless spot present to process each the affectional trauma we’ve been done to heal, heal our intelligence state,” the teen said, referring to their location with their father, step-mother and fractional siblings.

Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline precocious told The Daily Mail that their children person purposefully avoided her successful the past fewer months due to the fact that they were aggravated she accused Federline successful a since-deleted connection of refusing to spot her portion she was large with 1 of them.

The 2 teens adjacent declined to be their mother’s wedding to Sam Asghari successful June. Jayden told Barak it was hard to person a parent successful the spotlight, portion Federline, who has main custody of the children, told The Daily Mail that “there were a batch of things going connected that I didn’t consciousness comfy with” astatine her house.

Spears wrote successful her Instagram station that Federline “hasn’t had a occupation successful 15 years” and called him a hypocrite. She told Jayden: “Tell your begetter to spell effort and astatine slightest mow the lawn.”

The popular prima added that she loved her kids but urged her “dear child” Jayden to “pick up a publication and work 1 earlier you edifice to adjacent reasoning astir my intellect.” She besides addressed Jayden’s assertion that his gramps “was conscionable trying to beryllium a father” erstwhile helium placed Spears successful the conservatorship.

“Psss if you tin honestly beryllium backmost and accidental with your sensible superb caput what memaw and paw paw did to maine was good and telephone them not atrocious radical … past yes I person failed arsenic a parent and hopefully that’s a chat for you and your begetter to beryllium look to look and effort to larn WHAT’S GOOD,” Spears wrote.

“It’s conscionable going to instrumentality a batch of clip and effort,” Jayden told Barak. “I conscionable privation her to get amended mentally. When she gets better, I truly privation to spot her again.”

“I emotion you a lot,” Jayden added, addressing his mother. “I anticipation for the champion for you. Maybe 1 time we tin beryllium down similar this and speech again.”

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