Buffalo Mayor’s Race Hangs in the Balance With Write-In Ballots

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Jesse McKinley

Nov. 2, 2021, 11:23 p.m. ET

Nov. 2, 2021, 11:23 p.m. ET

Mayor Byron Brown waged an assertive  write-in run  against India Walton, a antiauthoritarian  socialist, who had defeated him successful  the Democratic Primary successful  June.
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BUFFALO, N.Y. —Mayor Byron W. Brown of Buffalo, an incumbent four-term Democrat, declared triumph connected Tuesday nighttime successful his write-in run to decision his ain party’s authoritative nominee, India Walton. But Ms. Walton refused to concede.

The results were acold from last successful a contention that drew nationalist attraction for reflecting the ideological schism successful the Democratic Party: With astir 70 percent of the ballot counted, about 60 percent were marked for “write-In,” and galore of those could yet construe into votes for Brown, though that process of counting volition beryllium laborious and could instrumentality weeks to finish.

Ms. Walton, a antiauthoritarian socialist who had earned the endorsements of immoderate of the nation’s best-known progressives, said connected Tuesday nighttime that “every ballot needs to beryllium counted” and railed against the Brown campaign, which did not cull enactment from Republicans, a tiny cohort successful this heavy Democratic city.

“Right present it’s ‘Walton’ against ‘Write In,’ whoever that is,” she said. “Who Write-In is remains to beryllium seen.”

Indeed, determination is astatine slightest 1 different write-in campaigner who has actively campaigned — Benjamin Carlisle, a erstwhile Democrat. Ballots marked “write-in” volition person to beryllium checked individually to spot which campaigner — Mr. Brown, Mr. Carlisle, oregon others — is indicated. And absentee ballots volition not beryllium tallied until mid-November.

Still, the results connected Tuesday seemed to boost the hopes and temper of Mr. Brown, who mislaid to Ms. Walton successful a Democratic superior successful June, aft moving a lackluster campaign.

“They said it was intolerable to triumph arsenic a write-in, but you tin ne'er number a Buffalonian out,” said Mr. Brown said to a raucous assemblage astatine a downtown event, adding helium would find a mode to convey each his voters “over the adjacent 4 years.”

“This hasn’t been easy,” helium said. “But it’s been worthy it.”

The governmental oddity of a potent write-in run and a conflict pitting moderates versus progressives wrong the Democratic Party turned this city’s usually lackluster mayoral contention into 1 of the astir intimately watched contests successful the nation.

Mr. Brown, 63, was seeking a 5th term, trying to cobble unneurotic a varied conjugation of blimpish and mean Democratic supporters, arsenic good arsenic managing the vicissitudes of a write-in campaign, including spending $100,000 to bargain specially made rubber stamps to let voters to ink his sanction connected ballots.

On Tuesday, specified a process didn’t look to discourage Brown supporters similar Fred Heinle, 66, who voted for the politician and said, “Byron Brown has done a batch of tremendous things for the city.

“Has helium been perfect? No,” said Mr. Heinle, who is retired. “But he’s done immoderate fantastic precise bully things for the metropolis to beryllium arrogant of.”

In her remarks, Ms. Walton accused Mr. Brown of betraying the Democratic Party and benefiting from deep-pocketed donors who poured wealth done autarkic expenditure committees. And indeed, immoderate section Republican officials — who are severely outnumbered successful elector registration successful Buffalo and did not adjacent tract a campaigner for politician — did dependable enactment for Mr. Brown’s campaign.

“Buffalo is simply a Democratic city,” Ms. Walton said connected Tuesday night. “And what we person seen is my hostile actively cooperating and colluding with Republicans and acheronian wealth to decision a idiosyncratic who was going to beryllium a champion for the small guy.”

A triumph for Mr. Brown — the city’s archetypal Black politician and a lifelong Democratic centrist — would beryllium a stinging rebuke for the progressive helping of his party, which had celebrated Ms. Walton’s improbable triumph successful June.

In galore ways, Ms. Walton’s candidacy has underscored a deeper rift successful the Democratic Party, which has seen moderates similar President Biden and Eric Adams, who easy won his predetermination for New York City politician connected Tuesday, repeatedly scuffle with much left-leaning candidates and elected officials.

Since winning successful June, Ms. Walton had drawn the enactment of a bevy of salient nationalist progressives, including Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, arsenic good arsenic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who represents parts of Queens and the Bronx but traveled to Buffalo successful precocious October to run connected Ms. Walton’s behalf.

She had besides begun to gully the enactment of much Democratic constitution figures, including some of the state’s U.S. senators — Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand — who could look challengers from the near successful aboriginal predetermination cycles.

Still, Ms. Walton was not uniformly embraced by authorities enactment leadership, arsenic Gov. Kathy Hochul — a Buffalo autochthonal — and Jay S. Jacobs, the president of the New York State Democratic Committee, declined to endorse her.

In the closing weeks of the campaign, Mr. Jacobs had travel nether peculiar occurrence aft suggesting Ms. Walton’s triumph successful the superior was akin to an infamous achromatic supremacist, David Duke, winning his party’s nomination. (Mr. Jacobs, who heard calls for his resignation, aboriginal apologized.)

Ms. Walton, 39, was tying to go the archetypal pistillate and archetypal Black pistillate to pb New York’s 2nd largest city, arsenic good arsenic the archetypal socialist to pb a large American metropolis successful decades. A first-time candidate, she has an evocative beingness communicative arsenic a azygous parent and labour organizer — a communicative that she leaned connected successful advertisements, immoderate of which were paid for by groups similar the Working Families Party, a labor-backed enactment that often supports progressive candidates.

She had tally an energetic superior campaign, astonishing Mr. Brown, who mostly refused to admit her candidacy, having won past campaigns comfortably successful a metropolis successful which Democrats acold outnumber Republicans.

The mayor’s blasé cognition changed radically, however, aft Ms. Walton’s win, arsenic helium announced his write-in run and attempted a ineligible propulsion to get himself enactment connected the ballot. That effort failed after a brace of judges ruled against Mr. Brown successful September, leaving Ms. Walton the lone campaigner whose sanction was connected the ballot.

Still arsenic the run continued, governmental observers here repeatedly suggested that Mr. Brown could beryllium a favorite, if lone due to the fact that of his 16 years successful bureau and wide sanction recognition.

But connected Tuesday, immoderate of Ms. Walton’s supporters said they some liked her policies and had bushed of Mr. Brown’s agelong clip successful office.

“No 1 is owed a presumption successful nationalist service,” said Matthew L. Schwartz, 37, societal idiosyncratic successful Buffalo. “I don’t recognize wherefore helium feels helium has the pulse of the community.”

Still Mr. Brown seemed assured successful the days earlier the election, joking connected Sunday astir the perchance notable quality of his triumph arsenic good arsenic his rubber stamps.

“There’s a increasing feeling,” helium said, “that the stamps are going to go collectors’ items.”

Lauren D’Avolio and Dan Higgins contributed reporting from Buffalo.

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