'Caddyshack' boat for sale

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — A Stuart-based yacht brokerage is selling disconnected a portion of cinematic history.

The 1979 60-foot Striker seen successful the classical play drama "Caddyshack" is up for sale.

United Yacht Sales broker Joe Longobardi is the listing cause for the boat utilized successful the 1980 movie.

'Caddyshack' movie   poster

Courtesy of Warner Bros.

This is the archetypal movie poster for the 1980 drama classical "Caddyshack."

The vessel is astir apt champion remembered successful the regatta scene, erstwhile Rodney Dangerfield's character, Al Czervik, an obnoxious nouveau riche golfer whose manner and antics rankles the uptight Bushwood Country Club community, raises a ruckus connected the h2o that ends with Czervik's vessel, named "Seafood," dropping anchor into a smaller vessel owned by stodgy Judge Elihu Smails, portrayed by Ted Knight.

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Placed connected the marketplace astir 3 weeks agone with an asking terms of $349,900, the vessel is based successful Stevensville, Maryland, but Longobardi acquired the listing done his transportation to the owner.

'Seafood' boat, seen successful  movie   'Caddyshack,' for sale

Mike Savinger/United Yacht Sales

This 1979 60-foot Striker, called "Seafood," arsenic it was successful the movie "Caddyshack," is located successful Maryland.

"The boat's an icon," Longobardi, who moved to Stuart from Maryland 4 years ago, told WPTV.com.

Longobardi said the boat's proprietor purchased it successful 2017 and has done immoderate cosmetic enactment to it, including caller upholstery and a caller topper. He said it's precocious been utilized for sunset cruises and regular charters successful and astir the Chesapeake Bay.

The interior of the vessel adjacent includes a life-sized cardboard cutout of Dangerfield's character.

Cardboard cutout of Rodney Dangerfield's Al Czervik successful  'Caddyshack' boat

Mike Savinger/United Yacht Sales

The interior of the "Caddyshack" vessel includes a life-sized cardboard cutout of Rodney Dangerfield's Al Czervik's quality successful the movie.

Longobardi said the existent proprietor is selling disconnected his boats to "do immoderate antithetic things and currency successful and get retired of the day-to-day grind." But the caller proprietor volition get the cutout and assorted different pieces of "Caddyshack" memorabilia that travel with it.

For Longobardi, he's fielded plentifulness of involvement from folks anxious to telephone the celebrated vessel theirs.

"It's a portion of maritime and movie history, truthful we get a footwear retired of it," helium said.

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