California School District Disciplines Teacher For Telling Students Trump Is Still President

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A California mediate schoolhouse teacher has been disciplined aft telling her students that Donald Trump is inactive president, COVID vaccines are frightening and Hunter Biden had enactment with his niece and was doing deals successful Ukraine and China.

None of that is true.

The “lesson,” fixed past period by a past teacher astatine Anacapa Middle School successful Ventura, was recorded by 1 of her students.

“I trusted her to thatch him the facts astir past and she went disconnected connected this rant similar a preacher connected a pulpit,” said Sarah Silikula, whose 8th people lad recorded the teacher.

The comments upset and confused her son, Slikula told CBS Los Angeles.

“He’s hurt. He’s scared. He doesn’t spot his parents now. He thinks we lied to him,” she said.

“He announced: ‘I’m ne'er getting vaccinated. I’m ne'er getting immoderate much shots of immoderate kind. Did you cognize Trump’s inactive president?’” she added.

School territory officials conducted an probe and said they did not condone the teacher’s comments. The unnamed teacher has been disciplined successful accordance with a argumentation agreed to with the teachers’ union; however, officials offered nary details.

The superintendent told Silikula that her son’s people was switched to different teacher, but his erstwhile teacher is inactive moving astatine the school.

Silikula called the enactment inadequate.

“Whatever anybody’s governmental content is, I respect. It’s their belief,” Silikula said. “Don’t enforce it connected my kid who I trusted successful your care.”

Check retired Silikula’s interrogation successful the video clip above.

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