Camila Cabello makes coaching debut on 'The Voice'

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Camila Cabello is the newest justice  connected  "The Voice."

CNN  — 

Camila Cabello is turning her seat arsenic the newest manager connected “The Voice.”

The vocalist joined the NBC world singing competition for Season 2 connected Monday, on with returning coaches Gwen Stefani, John Legend and Blake Shelton.

Cabello,who started her vocation connected “The X Factor” successful 2012, appeared connected “The Voice” past play arsenic Legend’s personage adviser.

In her manager debut this week, she said she hoped to spot “people go amended artists and get to unrecorded their dreams.”

When big Carson Daly asked Shelton if he’d fixed Cabello immoderate advice, helium jokingly got competitive.

“I don’t privation to assistance her successful immoderate way, due to the fact that truthful acold I’m not impressed,” helium said.

“You’re conscionable trying to intimidate me. It’s not working,” Cabello replied.

After immoderate backmost and distant with Shelton, Cabello nabbed Nashville vocalist Morgan Myles, who sang Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” for her team.

“I privation what’s champion for you and if what you privation is Blake’s enactment and assistance to beryllium a state artist, absolutely,” Cabello said. “If what you privation is to find your ain lane – you’re not a state artist, you’re not a popular artist, you’re conscionable Morgan – past I would beryllium truly excited to enactment with you.”

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