Canada's Ivey PMI shows activity decelerating in October

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TORONTO, Nov 5 (Reuters) - Canadian economical enactment expanded astatine a slower gait successful October arsenic a measurement of supplier deliveries declined, Ivey Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) information showed connected Friday.

The seasonally adjusted scale fell to 59.3 from 70.4 successful September but remaining supra the 50 threshold that indicates an summation successful enactment for the ninth consecutive month.

The scale measures the month-to-month saltation successful economical enactment arsenic indicated by a sheet of purchasing managers successful the nationalist and backstage sectors from crossed Canada.

The gauge of supplier deliveries fell to 27.5, its lowest since April 2020 from 36.5 successful September, portion the prices scale climbed to 84.6 from 79.1.

The unadjusted PMI fell to 61.2 from 64.5.

Reporting by Fergal Smith

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