Canada's Ontario offers to rescind new law if school workers end strike

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OTTAWA, Nov 7 (Reuters) - Canada's astir populous state connected Monday offered to rescind a arguable instrumentality that imposes a declaration connected acquisition workers and outlaws strikes if their national agreed to extremity a standoff that has unopen schools successful Ontario.

Some 55,000 acquisition workers represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) went connected onslaught connected Friday aft failing to scope an statement with the provincial authorities for amended wage and much frontline unit successful schools.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford's Progressive Conservative authorities has rejected the striking CUPE workers' wage demands arsenic excessively high, and passed a instrumentality to unit a declaration connected them and marque strikes an offence that carries a regular C$4,000 good for each worker.

"Our authorities is consenting to rescind the authorities ... but lone if CUPE agrees to amusement a akin motion of bully religion by stopping their onslaught and letting our kids backmost into their classrooms," Ford said astatine a quality league connected Monday.

"We're consenting to marque a just deal," Ford said.

The authorities has been wide criticized for its usage of the alleged notwithstanding clause, which allows a provincial authorities to override immoderate aspects of Canada's Charter of Rights.

Ford says the authorities was indispensable to support classrooms unfastened aft 2 years of disruptions to in-person schooling owed to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The walkout continued connected Monday.

"Pressure works. Let's support going," CUPE said connected Twitter, earlier a scheduled quality league by national leaders.

Reporting by Ismail Shakil successful Ottawa, editing by Deepa Babington

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