Canada's trade surplus widens in September

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OTTAWA, Nov 4 (Reuters) - Canada's commercialized surplus with the satellite widened successful September, topping expert expectations, arsenic vigor exports outweighed a worsening driblet successful two-way commercialized of centrifugal vehicles and parts, information showed connected Thursday.

The country's commercialized surplus was C$1.86 cardinal ($1.50 billion) successful September, up of the mean expert estimation of C$1.55 cardinal and up from a surplus of C$1.51 cardinal successful August. It was the 4th consecutive commercialized surplus.

Exports were down by 2.3%, arsenic shutdowns caused by a semi-conductor spot shortage weighed, but were partially offset by higher exports of vigor products. Imports fell by 3.0%, besides connected centrifugal vehicles and parts.

The Canadian dollar was trading 0.3% little astatine 1.2425 to the greenback, oregon 80.48 U.S. cents arsenic the greenback (.DXY) rallied against a handbasket of large currencies.

Reporting by Julie Gordon successful Ottawa; Editing by Kirsten Donovan

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