Canadian authorities charge 2 men with murder for a mass stabbing that killed 10 and injured 18. But the suspects are still on the loose

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(CNN)A manhunt is underway for 2 "armed and dangerous" men suspected successful Sunday's mass stabbing that killed 10 radical and injured 18 others successful an Indigenous assemblage and the surrounding country successful Saskatchewan, Canada, authorities said Monday.

The suspects, identified by constabulary arsenic Damien Sanderson and Myles Sanderson, are believed to person been traveling successful a achromatic Nissan Rogue with Saskatchewan licence sheet 119 MPI, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said, noting it's unclear whether the brace whitethorn person changed vehicles.

Even though the suspects are inactive astatine large, constabulary person charged them with archetypal grade murder, attempted execution and breaking and entering into a residence, the RCMP said Monday.

    Leaders of the James Smith Cree Nation declared a authorities of exigency Sunday successful effect to "numerous murders and assaults" connected members of the community, according to a quality release. At slightest 1 onslaught besides occurred successful the neighboring assemblage of Weldon, constabulary said.

      "It is surely a precise important lawsuit if not the largest we've seen successful the past fig of years," RCMP Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore said.

      Some victims seemingly were targeted portion others whitethorn person been attacked randomly, constabulary said.

      Authorities impulse residents successful the country to beryllium vigilant and instrumentality precautions, including sheltering successful spot successful immoderate communities, arsenic the suspects are inactive astatine large.

        A constabulary  forensics squad  investigates a transgression  country   successful  the stabbing spree that near  10 dead.

        The constabulary issued a "civil emergency" alert informing those successful the Regina country to beryllium particularly cautious aft constabulary received a study the suspects whitethorn person been traveling there.

        "Relentless" overnight attempts to find the 2 men were unsuccessful, the Regina constabulary main said successful a Monday update.

        "The 2 suspects are inactive astatine large, contempt efforts done the nighttime by @reginapolice and @RCMPSK," Chief Evan Bray said successful a tweet. "If anyone has accusation that would assistance successful locating and safely taking Myles and Damien Sanderson into custody, we impulse you to telephone police."

        Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said helium is "shocked and devastated" by the attacks.

        "As Canadians, we mourn with everyone affected by this tragic violence, and with the radical of Saskatchewan. We besides privation a afloat and speedy betterment to those injured," Trudeau said successful a connection Sunday evening.

        As the manhunt continues, here's what we know:

        How did the attacks unfold?

        Police received the archetypal study of a stabbing connected the James Smith Cree Nation astatine 5:40 a.m. section clip (6:40 a.m. ET), and wrong minutes respective much calls came successful reporting different stabbings passim the community, constabulary said.

        • Timeline of cardinal events

        • Sunday, September 4

          5:40 a.m. Saskatchewan constabulary person a telephone reporting a stabbing connected the James Smith Cree Nation. In the pursuing minutes, further stabbings astatine antithetic locations successful the assemblage are reported.

          7:12 a.m. The constabulary contented a "dangerous persons alert," informing residents of the James Smith Cree Nation and surrounding communities of the stabbings and asking the nationalist to question shelter.

          7:57 a.m. The alert is updated with the suspects' names, descriptions, and pictures. The suspects are identified arsenic Damien Sanderson and Miles Sanderson.

          8:20 a.m. The unsafe persons alert is extended to the full state of Saskatchewan aft the probe confirms the suspects are traveling successful a vehicle.

          9:45 a.m. An updated alert indicates that determination are victims successful aggregate locations, including the colony of Weldon, and that immoderate victims whitethorn person been attacked randomly.

          11:25 a.m. Requests are made to Manitoba and Alberta authorities to widen the alert to those provinces.

          12:07 p.m. After reports of the suspects' conveyance being spotted successful Regina, a informing is sent retired to residents there.

        • Monday, September 5

          7:36 a.m. Regina constabulary main says the manhunt continues.

        Source: Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Times are local 

        Within hours, the concern developed into a wide stabbing lawsuit with astatine slightest 25 victims, 10 of whom died, constabulary said.

        Three helicopters from STARS Air Ambulance were dispatched to James Smith Cree Nation during the attack, institution spokesperson Mark Oddan told CNN. The archetypal unit to get jumped into triage the victims and the 2nd craft brought a doc to assistance with triage and pb the exigency response, helium said.

        The chopper crews took immoderate victims to the Royal University Hospital successful Saskatoon and respective different patients were brought to section hospitals by crushed ambulances, Oddan said. He was not capable to supply details connected the patients oregon their conditions.

        Multiple unsafe persons alerts were issued by constabulary implicit the people of the morning, expanding crossed the Saskatchewan state and into neighboring Manitoba and Alberta.

        Canadian Minister of Public Safety Marco Mendicino asked residents to instrumentality shelter.

        "To everyone successful Saskatchewan, particularly those successful proximity to the James Smith Cree First Nation area, delight structure successful spot and enactment safe," helium tweeted.

        Authorities person identified 13 abstracted scenes wherever the attacks took place. There whitethorn beryllium further victims who were injured and transported themselves to the hospital, constabulary said, urging imaginable victims to interaction instrumentality enforcement.

        "Our thoughts are with the galore victims deceased and injured, their family, friends and community. It is horrific what has occurred successful our state today," Blackmore said.

        Who are the suspects?

        Less than 3 hours aft the archetypal onslaught was reported, constabulary identified Damian Sanderson and Myles Sanderson arsenic suspects successful the stabbing spree.

        Damien Sanderson, 31, is described by authorities arsenic 5 feet 7 inches gangly and 155 pounds with achromatic hairsbreadth and brownish eyes. Myles Sanderson, 30, is 6 feet 1 inch gangly and 240 pounds with brownish hairsbreadth and brownish eyes, according to police.

        Officials haven't said whether the brace are related.

        Damien Sanderson and Myles Sanderson

        The conveyance they were believed to beryllium driving was reportedly spotted astir 11:45 a.m. successful Regina, constabulary said. Regina is much than 300 kilometers (186 miles) southbound of the James Smith Cree Nation.

        "This is wherefore we request everyone successful the state to enactment vigilant and study immoderate suspicious enactment by calling 911 immediately," Blackmore said successful a connection Sunday. "If you spot the suspects and/or their vehicle, bash not attack them oregon their vehicle, instantly permission the area, and telephone 911."

        In a connection to the 2 suspects, Blackmore said, "If Damien and Myles are listening oregon person this information, I would inquire that they crook themselves into constabulary immediately."

        What has been the effect by officials?

        The attacks person shaken Canadian residents and officials.

        Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe offered his condolences to the radical of the state successful a tweet.

        "There are nary words to adequately picture the symptom and nonaccomplishment caused by this senseless violence. All of Saskatchewan grieves with the victims and their families," Moe wrote.

        The RCMP successful Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba are jointly investigating the stabbings.

        "We are dedicating a maximum fig of resources to this investigation," Blackmore said.

        Two exigency centers were acceptable up to "provide wellness support" to the impacted communities, the leaders of the James Smith Cree Nation said successful a statement.

          In effect to the stabbings, the Canadian Football League's Saskatchewan Roughriders announced accrued information unit astatine their crippled against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Sunday. The Roughriders play astatine the Mosaic Stadium successful Regina.

          "The Club operates a centralized bid (center) connected crippled time that allows contiguous transportation to section exigency services and the quality to person up to the infinitesimal accusation erstwhile immoderate benignant of exigency occurs," the squad said successful a connection connected Twitter.

          CNN's Paula Newton and Amir Vera contributed to this report.

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