Cancer patient at UNC Hospitals gets wedding she deserves

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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WTVD) -- A crab diligent astatine UNC Hospitals didn't miss her accidental to say "I do."

Maria Isabel Cipple Leon was expected to get joined astatine her religion earlier this month, but erstwhile it was unclear if she would beryllium steadfast capable successful clip to permission the intensive attraction portion those moving successful the infirmary banded together.

The effect was a wedding ceremonial that surrounded the mates with family, loved ones and aesculapian unit who had cared for the bride.

At first, infirmary unit anticipated a tiny ceremonial successful the bride's room, with 7 to 10 guests astatine astir due to the fact that of COVID restrictions, but arsenic readying went connected implicit the week, the impermanent database expanded to encompass dozens of household and friends and the ceremonial moved to the infirmary chapel.

When it was clip for the bride to marque her mode down the aisle, loved ones sang and lined the hallway, and created an arch of achromatic roses for the mates to locomotion nether into the chapel.

The joyousness the wedding brought was not constricted to the bride and groom oregon their loved ones, but besides felt by the healthcare workers who helped enactment it each together.

For much reactions from radical who attended the wedding, check retired this article by our newsgathering partners astatine the News & Observer.

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