Capitol rioter and alleged Nazi sympathizer sentenced to prison

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(CNN)Timothy Hale-Cusanelli, an ex-Army reservist and US Capitol rioter who said January 6, 2021, was "exhilarating" and felt similar "civil war" was sentenced connected Thursday to 4 years down bars.

"This is simply a important sentence," District Judge Trevor McFadden said.

McFadden lambasted Hale-Cusanelli for his "sexist, racist and antisemitic comments" that the justice said motivated, successful part, his actions that day.

    Hale-Cusanelli, who was convicted successful May of each 5 charges helium faced, including the felony of obstructing an authoritative proceeding, told the justice helium "would ne'er spot my look again."

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      "I disrespected my uniform" connected January 6, Hale-Cusanelli added, asking the justice for mercy. He besides was sentenced to 3 years of supervised merchandise and ordered to wage $2,000 successful restitution.

      During the riot, video shows Hale-Cusanelli yelling for the mob to "advance" earlier breaching the US Capitol himself, and aboriginal signaling for much rioters to articulation him inside. Hale-Cusanelli besides tried to propulsion different rioter distant from a constabulary serviceman who was detaining the individual.

      "You perfectly knew what you and others were doing," McFadden said Thursday, adding that Hale-Cusanelli lied during his grounds successful proceedings erstwhile helium claimed helium didn't cognize Congress met successful the Capitol, contempt telling his roommate that helium was conscionable extracurricular the House chambers during the riot.

        McFadden repeatedly castigated Hale-Cusanelli for racist commentary that "normalizes violence," pointing to the caller summation of antisemitic unit successful the US.

        In their sentencing memorandum, prosecutors argued that Hale-Cusanelli should person 78 months down bars and pointed to his tendency for a civilian warfare and antisemitic conspiracies, saying that Jews controlled Democrats, President Joe Biden and each of government.

        "It is well-established successful the grounds astatine this constituent that Hale-Cusanelli subscribes to White Supremacist and Nazi-Sympathizer ideologies that thrust his enthusiasm for different civilian warfare and formed the ground of this Court's pretrial determination that Hale-Cusanelli was a information to the community," authoritative Kathryn Fifield wrote.

        "What Hale-Cusanelli was doing connected January 6 was not activism," Fifield added. "It was the preamble to his civilian war."

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        During his trial, Hale-Cusanelli's defence lawyer Jonathan Crisp told the assemblage that his lawsuit simply says these things to "agitate" others and "get attention." Hale-Cusanelli testified that helium was fractional Jewish and not an anti-Semite.

        In his sentencing memorandum, different lawyer for Hale-Cusanelli, Nicholas Smith, wrote that his client's "upbringing was similar thing from Oliver Twist" and that helium was raised by "effectively vocation criminals" and cause abusers. Smith, successful his filing, asked that Hale-Cusanelli beryllium sentenced to 20 months successful situation with clip served.

        Jan. 6 committee witnesser gets probation

        Stephen Ayres, who testified astatine 1 of the House prime committee's nationalist hearings, was sentenced Thursday to 2 years of probation and 100 hours of assemblage service.

        Ayres had pleaded blameworthy to 1 number of disorderly behaviour successful a restricted gathering successful June and the authorities asked for 2 months' incarceration astatine sentencing.

         Stephen Ayres (C), who entered the U.S. Capitol illegally connected  January 6, 2021, greets U.S. Capitol Police Sgt. Aquilino Gonell (L) astatine  the decision  of the seventh proceeding  by the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack connected  the U.S. Capitol.

        District Judge John Bates astatine sentencing credited Ayres' grounds portion deciding his sentence, saying that Ayres "has shown genuine remorse and regret and that includes testifying earlier the January 6th prime committee."

        "I privation to apologize to you and the tribunal and the American people," Ayres said during his sentencing hearing. "I went down determination that time not with the volition to origin immoderate unit oregon thing similar that, but I did get caught up successful each the worldly online, connected Facebook, which yet I felt similar was steering maine successful the incorrect direction."

          During the proceeding successful July, Ayres testified that helium was "riled up" by then-President Donald Trump's code and ne'er planned to spell to the Capitol but was "following what (Trump) said" during his Ellipse address.

          "It changed my life, not for the good, decidedly not for the better," helium said. He added that helium nary longer believes Trump's lies astir the 2020 predetermination but warned that determination are millions of radical who inactive do, which poses a menace for aboriginal elections.

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