Car crashes into med spa

4 weeks ago 38

WILMETTE, Ill. (WLS) -- A car barreled into a med spa successful Wilmette Sunday night, officials said.

The clang occurred astatine astir 10 p.m. successful the 500-block of Skokie Boulevard

Officials said the car rammed close done the doors and into the beforehand desk. Chairs, desks and supplies were scattered everywhere.

Fortunately, the gathering was closed and nary 1 was inside. Officials said it's a bully happening it didn't hap during regular concern hours.

"It was bully that it was successful the evening, determination was nary 1 around, determination was nary 1 connected the sidewalks," said Wilmette Fire Department Battalion Chief Ryan Menzies.

The operator was taken to the infirmary and is expected to beryllium OK. Police person not said wherefore the idiosyncratic drove into the gathering oregon if immoderate charges volition beryllium filed.

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