Car enthusiasts help teen who lost dream car

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - One week aft a tornado ripped done parts of Sedgwick and Butler counties, we’re proceeding much stories astir radical impacted that nighttime and efforts underway to assistance them. This includes car enthusiasts rallying down a section teen who mislaid his imagination car to the tornado.

Surveillance video from Prairie Creek Elementary School successful Andover shows the YMCA and cars successful its parking batch being swept up, yet hitting the building.

Friday, Eyewitness News spoke with the proprietor of 1 of those cars. Chance Nguyen said he’s grateful to beryllium alive, but besides heartbroken to person mislaid his imagination car.

When Nguyen bought his imagination car successful April, helium didn’t expect what happened aboriginal that month.

“My (Toyota) MR2 is close there, by the wall. You tin spot the backmost fractional sticking out, barely,” helium said, looking astatine footage of the aftermath of the tornado and the extended harm astatine the Andover YMCA.

The 18-year-old is counting his blessings aft capturing video of the tornado heading toward the Y.

“(As) soon arsenic you peek retired the door, look retired the window, you conscionable spot the funnel close there,” helium said of the footage helium captured.

Moments later, Nguyen said unit rushed everyone wrong locker rooms.

“I conscionable retrieve a gush of wind. It feels similar (it) sucks the aerial out. And different gush of wind, is similar a large boom, sounds similar a bid passing by. It was a surreal acquisition and conscionable a clump of particulate kicking up everywhere,” helium said.

A Greater Wichita YMCA subordinate recounts however his car ended up wrong the Andover Y (and remains there). His communicative coming...

Posted by Lily Wu - KWCH on Friday, May 6, 2022

Nguyen captured what helium saw instantly aft the tornado.

“I was conscionable similar taken aback by the harm the tornado has done,” helium said.

The teen took a photograph of his car conscionable earlier going into the Y but couldn’t find it aft the tornado. When helium watched his video again, helium realized what happened.

“That’s my car close there. That’s conscionable erstwhile I’m showing my look with the debris,” helium said, referencing what helium captured.

Nguyen lone had liability security connected the ‘91 Toyota MR2. Car enthusiasts including Cars and Coffee and Hoovies Garage are taking to societal media to assistance Nguyen regenerate his car.

He’s grateful for the enactment and to the Y unit for getting everyone to information during the April 29 tornado.

“It’s a blessing that we each made it retired unscathed,” Nguyen said. “I was a small upset astir the car, but blessed to beryllium alive

Nguyen said his car was expected to person had afloat coverage, but a mistake near it with liability only. His friends besides acceptable up a GoFundMe page to assistance him regenerate what helium lost.

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