Carlos Alcaraz channels spirit of Real Madrid to defeat Novak Djokovic in Madrid Open epic

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(CNN)So beardown is Carlos Alcaraz's affection for Real Madrid, adjacent the Spanish teen sensation's tennis matches reflector his beloved shot club's.

Just 24 hours aft defeating compatriot Rafael Nadal, the 19-year-old fought backmost to bushed satellite No. 1 Novak Djokovic successful a sensational three-and-a-half-hour classical connected Saturday to scope the Madrid Open final.

Emboldened by a rapturous location assemblage astatine the Manolo Santana Stadium, a 6-7(5) 7-5 7-6(5) triumph implicit the Serb saw Alcaraz go the archetypal subordinate successful past to bushed Nadal and Djokovic successful back-to-back matches connected clay.

    Having lone turned 19 connected Thursday, Alcaraz took the lucifer to the 20-time expansive slam victor from the outset, a spectacular array of driblet shots helping the satellite No. 9 to instrumentality the 2nd acceptable aft agonizingly losing the archetypal connected a tiebreak.

      And conscionable arsenic Real Madrid had done successful spectacular fashion against Manchester City successful the Champions League past week, the Spaniard completed a stunning comeback, this clip triumphing successful the tiebreak to spark bedlam among the stands.

      Alcaraz past penned 'Un partido en Madrid es molto longo' ('A crippled successful Madrid is simply a agelong time') connected a adjacent TV camera, invoking a remark made by Real Madrid fable Juanito successful 1986 that has since go synonymous with the club's predominant comebacks.

      Alcaraz returns the shot  during the 3rd  set.

      Feet connected the ground

        With a match-time clocking successful astatine 3 hours and 35 minutes, it was the cleanable sign-off for Alcaraz, who volition go the Madrid Open's youngest ever finalist erstwhile helium faces Germany's Alexander Zverev connected Sunday.

        Alcaraz's tally successful Madrid continues an unthinkable play for the teenager, aft go the youngest ever victor of the Miami Open successful April, but the youngster is keeping his feet firmly connected the ground.

        Alcaraz and Djokovic clasp  astatine  the extremity  of the match.

        "I'm not going to archer you that," Alcaraz replied erstwhile asked who the champion subordinate successful the satellite was currently.

        "I was capable to bushed No. 1, but I'm inactive ranked No. 9 -- I inactive person 8 players successful beforehand of maine to beryllium the No. 1.

        "We are going to person a large clip to bask the moment, but time I'm going to play a last of a truly large tourney ... contiguous I'm going to beryllium precise focused to beryllium capable to retrieve and to beryllium arsenic champion arsenic imaginable for tomorrow's match."

        'God needs to travel  and explicate  it': How the shot   satellite   reacted to Real Madrid's bonzer  Champions League semifinal victory

        Alcaraz had received glowing praise from Nadal aft his triumph successful Miami, who predicted it would beryllium the "first of many" for his compatriot, and Djokovic shared Nadal's sentiments successful defeat.

          "Great things to travel from this endowment successful the future, bully luck successful the last tomorrow," Djokovic tweeted.

          The Serb remained satellite No. 1 for a record-extending 369th week aft a second-round triumph implicit Gaël Monfils connected Wednesday.

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