Carlos Alcaraz's Absurd Behind-The-Back Tennis Shot Leaves U.S. Open In Awe

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Tennis subordinate Carlos Alcaraz wowed the assemblage with a play that brought fans to their feet astatine the U.S. Open connected Wednesday.

In a quest to summation a constituent successful a men’s singles quarterfinal matchup, Alcaraz utilized an unconventional method to instrumentality a pugnacious shot: down the back.

Alcaraz, a No. 3 effect successful the large tournament, was moving done the 2nd acceptable erstwhile his opponent, No. 11 effect Jannik Sinner, looked to capitalize connected an vantage point.

The 19-year-old had different plans for Sinner, however, and broke retired the behind-the-back changeable to the crowd’s surprise.

You tin ticker a clip of his changeable against Sinner below.

The changeable instantly got emotion from the U.S. Open Twitter account, which asked if Alcaraz’s determination was the “shot of the tournament” successful a poll.

Alcaraz yet pulled disconnected the triumph against Sinner successful the aboriginal greeting connected Thursday and volition beforehand to the U.S. Open’s men’s singles semifinals.

The determination delighted sports fans arsenic well, with 1 calling for the “AND1-ification” of the sport.

See reactions to the spectacular changeable below.

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