CDC investigates 'one of the worst outbreaks of meningococcal disease' in US history among gay and bisexual men in Florida

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(CNN)The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Florida Department of Health are investigating "one of the worst outbreaks of meningococcal illness among cheery and bisexual men successful U.S. history," the CDC said Wednesday.

Meningitis Fast Facts

The CDC said Thursday determination person been 26 cases and 7 deaths from meningococcal illness successful Florida during the probe period. Among those, 24 cases and six deaths were successful men who person enactment with men.

    The CDC says the outbreak is "primarily among gay, bisexual, and different men who person enactment with men, including those surviving with HIV. Recent information amusement that astir fractional of the cases associated with this outbreak are among Hispanic men. This outbreak is mostly affecting radical who unrecorded successful Florida but has besides affected immoderate radical who person traveled to Florida."

      Meningococcal illness includes meningitis -- infections of the lining of the encephalon and spinal cord -- and bloodstream infections. "Meningococcal illness tin impact anyone and tin beryllium deadly," the CDC said successful its statement.

      The bacteria is dispersed done sharing respiratory oregon pharynx secretions, specified arsenic saliva oregon spit. It usually takes adjacent oregon lengthy contact, for illustration kissing oregon being adjacent to idiosyncratic who is coughing, to dispersed the bacteria.

      Millions of regular    vaccinations person  been missed amid the Covid-19 pandemic

      Symptoms see precocious fever, headache, stiff neck, nausea oregon vomiting oregon a acheronian purple rash, the CDC said. While they tin archetypal look arsenic flu like, they typically get worse precise quickly. If idiosyncratic has these symptoms, they should question aesculapian attraction immediately.

        CDC is recommending that gay, bisexual and different men who person enactment with men get the meningococcal vaccine if they unrecorded successful Florida, oregon speech to their wellness attraction supplier if they are traveling to the state. For those who unrecorded with HIV, wellness officials are emphasizing the value of regular vaccination.

        "Getting vaccinated against meningococcal illness is the champion mode to forestall this superior illness, which tin rapidly go deadly," said Dr. José R. Romero, manager of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, successful the CDC quality release. "Because of the outbreak successful Florida, and the fig of Pride events being held crossed the authorities successful coming weeks, it's important that cheery and bisexual men who unrecorded successful Florida get vaccinated, and those traveling to Florida speech to their healthcare supplier astir getting a MenACWY vaccine."

         'It wasn't initially connected  our radar screen'

        The vaccine is offered astatine doctors' offices, pharmacies, assemblage wellness centers oregon section wellness departments, the CDC said, and security should screen the outgo for radical for whom the vaccine is recommended during an outbreak. Anyone successful Florida tin get the vaccine astatine nary outgo astatine region wellness departments during the outbreak.

        According to the CDC, the outbreak affecting men who person enactment with men is caused by serogroup C. There is besides an unrelated serogroup B clump among assemblage and assemblage students successful 1 county.

          The meningococcal illness outbreak update comes arsenic the CDC has been tracking an antithetic outbreak of monkeypox successful countries wherever the illness is not endemic, including the United States. The CDC reports has reported 142 orthopoxvirus cases successful the United States, including 13 successful Florida.

          The menace to the wide US colonisation is low, the CDC says, but determination are notably precocious numbers of monkeypox cases among gay, bisexual, and different men who person enactment with men. "However, anyone who has been successful adjacent interaction with idiosyncratic who has monkeypox is astatine risk," the CDC notes.

          Clarification: On Thursday, the CDC updated and corrected the full fig of cases and deaths from meningococcal illness successful Florida, including the fig among men who person enactment with men.

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