CEO of China's Bilibili to manage gaming unit in bid to boost revenue

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HONG KONG, Nov 7 (Reuters) - The main enforcement of China’s Bilibili Inc has taken implicit nonstop supervision of the company’s gaming department, according to an interior email seen by Reuters, arsenic the Alibaba-backed institution looks to boost gross growth.

The quality assets section of Bilibili, champion known for its YouTube-like video-sharing platform, issued an email past Friday informing employees that those successful its gaming section volition study to Chen Rui, the company’s CEO, and nary longer Zhang Feng, a elder vice president astatine the company.

Local media archetypal reported the quality implicit the weekend, sending Bilibili’s shares up astir 10% successful Hong Kong connected Monday arsenic investors interpreted it arsenic an effort by Bilibili to refocus connected its gaming business, which had been an important gross generator for the institution but has struggled successful caller years.

When Bilibili went nationalist connected the Nasdaq successful 2018, gaming accounted for astir 80% of its full revenue. Its astir celebrated rubric astatine the clip was strategy crippled Fate/Grand Order. But Bilibili has been struggling to find caller hits implicit the years portion different Chinese companies including NetEase and miHoYo proceed to summation ground.

Bilibili’s gaming gross declined 15% successful the 4th ended June this year, accounting for astir 21% of its full revenue.

The institution has agelong struggled to crook a nett contempt having much than 300 cardinal monthly users connected its video platform.

Its stock terms has fallen much than 90% from its June 2021 highest to $11.71 arsenic of Monday. (Reporting by Josh Ye; Editing by Mark Potter)


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