CES 2023: all the news from the year’s biggest tech conference

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At the year’s biggest tech show, we’ll see next-gen TVs, stylish laptop updates, questionable smart home tech, and a lot of strange and surprising gadgets.

By Verge Staff

An illustrated collage of gadgets around a logo for CES. There’s a drone, controller, VR headset, and more.

Samar Haddad / The Verge

CES, also known as the Consumer Electronics Show, is the biggest tech trade show of the year, kicking off the first week of January and setting the stage for trends, announcements, and ascendant product categories we’ll see throughout the rest of 2023. The show will give us an early look at the latest developments in TVs and laptops, useful (and sometimes invasive) smart home gadgets, and plenty of phones, monitors, cars, and smart toilets in between.

For 2023, CES runs from January 5th through January 8th. But the news will start coming in before then: Samsung, LG, Sony, and quite a few others will kick things off with a day of press conferences on January 4th. And you can bet that companies eager to get their news out will start sharing announcements even earlier in the week. It’s going to be a busy start to the new year.

The Verge will be covering CES on the ground in Las Vegas. You can follow along here for all the latest news and plenty of hands-on video coverage from the show. After a couple of quieter years — CES 2021 was online-only due to the pandemic, and CES 2022 saw just a quarter of the show’s typical attendance due to omicron concerns — the Consumer Technology Association, which organizes CES, expects this year’s show to be more of a return to form, with busier halls and a lot more news to go around.

  • Watch us flex this new Corsair OLED gaming monitor.

    I wrote about my hands-on experience with Corsair’s Xeneon Flex OLED gaming monitor — one of many we expect to see shown off during CES 2023 — that can either be flat or squeezed into an 800R curve. The thing is, you’ve got to see it in action to really get a sense of how ridiculously cool it is.

    Thankfully, Verge video director Owen Grove got some reps in with the Xeneon Flex for your viewing pleasure.

  • Maybe this would look better inside an actual car.

    As usual, LG Display isn’t waiting until the show starts, or even the new year, to talk about what it’s bringing to CES 2023.

    This, uh, free-flowing P-OLED and LTPS (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon) LCD display concept (shown below) imagines a bend in the touchscreen splitting climate settings from the main UI.

    Besides the screens, LG Display is also bringing its “Thin Actuator Sound Solution,” a grill-less speaker made with “film-type exciter technology” that’s the size of a passport and 2.5mm thick. It can be installed in places like your car’s “dashboard, headliner, pillar, and headrests.”

    Your move, Sony.

    Mock-up of a car interior, with a massive LCD screen stretching lengthwise along the dashboard, plus a center-mounted tablet-like touchscreen, with the lower third bent for a more vertical orientation where touch climate controls appear.

    LG Display’s Automotive Displays at CES 2023

    Image: LG Display

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