Chaka Khan Is Still Upset Over Kanye West Sampling Her 1984 Hit, ‘Through The Fire’

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Chaka Khan is inactive upset implicit Kanye West sampling her 1984 hit, “Through The Fire,” for his debut single, “Through The Wire,” successful 2004.

In an interrogation with Good Day DC, the 10-time Grammy-award-winning vocalist said adjacent though she permitted him to illustration her song, she didn’t expect to dependable similar a “chipmunk” erstwhile she heard his completed song.

“That’s what helium [Kanye] did with his music,” said Khan. “I was upset astir sounding similar a chipmunk due to the fact that helium didn’t enactment that erstwhile helium asked could helium usage [sample] my song. He didn’t notation helium was going to velocity it up 3 times its mean speed. Had he, I would’ve had thing to say, but since I didn’t deliberation of that, judge me, I deliberation of it now.”

West is known for speeding up samples of euphony from yesteryear, astir notably connected his 2007 deed single, “Good Life,” wherever helium sampled Michael Jackson’s 1982 grounds “P.Y.T” (Pretty Young Thing).

This isn’t the archetypal clip the 69-year-old vocalist voiced her disapproval of the iconic hip-hop record. In an interrogation with Vlad TV successful 2020, Khan said West reached retired to her and asked to usage “Through The Fire” aft continuously listening to it portion recovering from injuries sustained during a car crash.

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