Changing of the Guard at Williamstown Theater Festival

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Theater|Changing of the Guard astatine Williamstown Theater Festival

Mandy Greenfield has resigned and Jenny Gersten volition beryllium interim creator director. The festival gave nary crushed for the move, but it follows complaints astir moving conditions.

Mandy Greenfield, who resigned arsenic  creator  manager  of the Williamstown Theater Festival past  month, said successful  a connection    that “theatrical institutions indispensable   empower new, divers  leaders successful  regular, shorter intervals.”
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Michael Paulson

Nov. 1, 2021, 3:30 p.m. ET

The creator manager of the prestigious Williamstown Theater Festival has stepped down aft complaints by immoderate employees astir longstanding moving conditions there.

The festival said Monday that Mandy Greenfield, who has been the creator manager since 2014, had resigned precocious past month. Jenny Gersten, who had led the festival from 2010 to 2014, volition instrumentality arsenic interim creator manager during the hunt for a caller leader.

The summertime festival, which runs successful the Berkshires portion of Western Massachusetts and has traditionally relied successful portion connected a excavation of young seasonal workers, did not connection a crushed for the alteration of leadership. But it follows a brace of reports successful The Los Angeles Times detailing concerns by employees — sound crew members who objected to moving outdoors, connected a amusement acceptable successful a reflecting pool, during rainy weather, and former employees, galore of them onetime interns, who expressed different information concerns.

The festival said successful a quality merchandise that the enactment alteration “will guarantee a aboriginal imaginativeness that not lone expands connected the Festival’s well-respected legacy, but 1 that is accountable, harmless and equitable for all.”

In a statement, Greenfield said that her “goal arsenic creator manager was to plaything for the fences, marque creation and effort to amended and germinate each day.”

“In 2019, I declined to renew a multiyear declaration offered to maine by the Festival; portion flattered to beryllium asked to continue, I agreed alternatively to enactment connected for 2 years, connected a year-to-year basis,” she said. “I besides publically committed to enactment modulation arsenic I profoundly believe, influenced by the British tradition, that theatrical institutions indispensable empower new, divers leaders successful regular, shorter intervals than is the customized successful the United States.”


Credit...Stewart Cairns for The New York Times

Greenfield’s tenure featured a notable fig of creator successes, including Broadway transfers for “Grand Horizons,” “The Sound Inside,” “The Rose Tattoo,” “Fool for Love” and “Living connected Love,” arsenic good arsenic aggregate Off Broadway transfers.

Gersten has held a assortment of positions successful the theatre world. Currently, she is shaper of philharmonic theatre astatine New York City Center, and is simply a enactment shaper of “Beetlejuice,” which is returning to Broadway adjacent spring. She plans to proceed successful some of those roles.

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