Charitable pharmacy offers free prescriptions

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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - According to the medicine cause examination website GoodRx, successful January of this twelvemonth the terms connected much than 800 medications accrued by astir 5%.

For the uninsured surviving astatine oregon beneath the poorness line, these increases tin mean having to spell without their overmuch needed medications.  

"We person patients that are connected 5, 6, 7 drugs truthful that means you can't bargain cereal for the babies oregon you can't bargain diapers and wipes you know," Pharmacist In Charge Carlos Irula said. 

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul's charitable pharmacy gives the uninsured whose household income is astatine oregon beneath 300% of the national poorness level a lifeline by offering prescriptions for free

"We're starting to spot a larger radical of individuals who whitethorn person had security successful the past and for immoderate crushed are losing employment," Irula said. "Compared to past twelvemonth we've seen astir 185% growth." 

In bid to support up with demand, they're hoping to prosecute much unit and alternatively of manually filling prescriptions they're looking into purchasing robots that tin bash the work. 

Since opening successful 2018, the pharmacy has dispensed adjacent to 100,000 prescriptions and now, they're expanding to supply escaped transportation services crossed the state.

They're hoping to unafraid a new, 5,000 sq. ft. abstraction successful the adjacent aboriginal to amended conscionable their needs. 

"In this twelvemonth unsocial we're projecting 80,000 prescriptions conscionable successful this 1 twelvemonth truthful we're actively campaigning to fundraise," Irula said. "All those donations spell to purchasing medications similar these." 

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