Checking Alec Baldwin's gun was not the assistant director's responsibility, attorney says

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(CNN)An lawyer representing David Halls, an adjunct manager connected the acceptable of the movie "Rust," said it was not Halls' work to corroborate whether the weapon handed to Alec Baldwin was loaded, contempt Halls antecedently acknowledging to investigators that helium should person checked each the rounds earlier declaring the firearm safe.

"He's not liable for checking it," lawyer Lisa Torraco said successful an interrogation connected Fox News connected Monday. "That's not the adjunct director's job. If helium chooses to cheque the firearm due to the fact that helium wants to marque definite that everyone's safe, helium tin bash that, but that's not his responsibility."

According to a detective's search warrant affidavit filed past week, Halls acknowledged to investigators helium should person checked each the rounds loaded successful the limb and "couldn't callback if helium spun the drum" earlier the fatal shooting October 21 that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured manager Joel Souza.

    "David advised the incidental was not a deliberate act," the detective writes.

      "Rust" Assistant Director David Halls

      Torraco said Halls wasn't required to cheque the gun.

      "Expecting an adjunct manager to cheque a firearm is similar telling the adjunct manager to cheque the camera space oregon telling the adjunct manager to cheque dependable oregon lighting," Torraco said.

      According to the New York Post, Halls, successful his archetypal nationalist connection since the shooting, spoke of his narration with Hutchins.

      "Halyna Hutchins was not conscionable 1 of the astir talented radical I've worked with, but besides a friend," helium said successful the statement. "I'm shocked and saddened by her death."

      Although Halls didn't code details of the investigation, helium did remark connected changes helium would similar to spot wrong the industry.

      "It's my anticipation that this calamity prompts the manufacture to reevaluate its values and practices to guarantee nary 1 is harmed done the originative process again," his connection read.

      According to the Post, Halls said helium has been "overwhelmed by the emotion and support" and that his "thoughts are with each who knew and loved Halyna."

      CNN has made repeated attempts to scope retired to Halls and helium has not responded. His lawyer declined to remark to CNN connected Monday.

      How the fatal 'Rust' shooting unfolded, infinitesimal   by moment

      How weapon with unrecorded circular got to Baldwin inactive a question

      Torraco said witnesses person told her squad that the armorer oregon the armorer's adjunct brought the weapon connected set.

      Attorneys for Hannah Gutierrez Reed, the weapon supervisor for the film, said her precedence is safety.

      "Ultimately this acceptable would ne'er person been compromised if unrecorded ammo were not introduced," attorneys Jason Bowles and Robert Gorence said successful a statement. "Hannah has nary thought wherever the unrecorded rounds came from."

      Torraco said immoderate witnesses told her squad the armorer handed the weapon straight to Baldwin and past Baldwin enactment it wrong a holster. Some witnesses besides said Baldwin wanted to set his holster and handed the firearm to Halls, who instantly handed the firearm backmost aft the histrion adjusted his holster, Torraco added.

      According to Torraco, different witnesses person said the armorer brought the firearm in, different unit subordinate checked the firearm, and past Halls checked the firearm "like a pass-through" and handed it to Baldwin "because helium was betwixt the two," Torraco said.

      'Rust' armorer says she doesn't cognize  however  unrecorded  ammo got connected  set, according to attorneys

      But she said 1 happening has been erroneously reported astir what Halls did that day.

      "In the affidavits, it states that my lawsuit grabbed the weapon disconnected of a prop cart and handed it to Baldwin. That perfectly did not happen," Torraco said.

      Sante Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza said investigators utilized antithetic statements successful the affidavits.

      "Those aren't each inclusive of each the statements, obviously, successful the investigation," helium told CNN's "Erin Burnett OutFront." "So determination are statements that Mr. Halls either inspected oregon handled the firearm anterior to giving it to Mr. Baldwin."

      Mendoza said that it's important for Halls and others to cooperate with investigators and travel successful for follow-up interviews.

      I'm a prop master, and I spot    reddish  flags everyplace  successful  the 'Rust' fatal shooting

      "If Mr. Halls sees what happened connected the acceptable that time antithetic past travel and explicate to america however it happened," the sheriff said.

      The sheriff added that immoderate of the radical they privation to talk with again person not agreed to, connected proposal of their attorneys.

      Torraco said whether her lawsuit handed the weapon to Baldwin isn't important.

      "My lawsuit didn't load the firearm. My lawsuit didn't constituent the firearm astatine anyone. And my lawsuit didn't propulsion the trigger," Torraco said. "The armorer comes in, the armorer opens the firearm, my lawsuit looks astatine it and 1 of the different unit members besides checks it. Whether oregon not helium handed the firearm straight to Alec Baldwin astatine that infinitesimal oregon whether the armorer handed it straight to Alec Baldwin astatine that infinitesimal doesn't truly substance due to the fact that helium didn't load it."

      An earlier affidavit says Halls yelled, "Cold gun," which means the firearms didn't person unrecorded rounds, earlier handing the weapon to Baldwin.

      CNN has reached retired to Torraco for comment.

      Baldwin 'extremely interested' successful aboriginal weapon safety

      Baldwin said this play helium talks to the detectives each day.

      District lawyer  hasn't ruled retired  transgression  charges successful  fatal shooting connected  'Rust' set

      "We are eagerly awaiting the Sheriff's Department telling america what their probe has yielded," Baldwin told members of the paparazzi who were pursuing him and his woman successful Manchester, Vermont.

      He told them helium couldn't remark connected what happened due to the fact that determination is an ongoing investigation.

      Baldwin said helium couldn't reply whether helium would ever enactment connected different movie acceptable that progressive firearms similar those utilized connected the acceptable of "Rust."

      "I bash cognize that an ongoing effort to bounds the usage of firearms connected movie sets is thing I'm highly funny in," Baldwin said. "But remember, thing that I deliberation is important, and that is however galore bullets person been fired successful films and TV shows successful the past 75 years? This is America. How galore bullets person gone disconnected successful movies and connected TV sets ... and astir each of them without incident."

      In the lawsuit of thing going incorrect and successful the aftermath of "this horrible catastrophic thing, immoderate caller measures person to instrumentality place," helium said, including the anticipation of utilizing rubber guns oregon integrative guns.

        "That's not for maine to decide," Baldwin stated.

        No transgression charges person been filed, but the territory lawyer for Santa Fe County said precocious she has not ruled immoderate out.

        CNN's Steve Almasy, Amanda Watts and Lisa Respers France contributed to this report.

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