Chet Hanks Leaves Ziwe Speechless With Odd Joker Impersonation

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Chet Hanks, a rapper and the lad of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, summoned his champion imitation of the Joker during an interrogation with “Showtime” comedian Ziwe Fumudoh connected her show.

A clip of the interrogation connected the comedian’s TikTok relationship shows Hanks reciting histrion Heath Ledger’s lines successful “The Dark Knight” erstwhile Ledger portrayed the iconic character.

“Do I look similar a feline with a plan?” Hanks says portion sitting connected a yoga ball.

He speedily jumps into different lines from the clownish villain.

“R.I.P. Heath,” Hanks aboriginal adds.

Throughout the impression, Ziwe doesn’t accidental a connection and appears stunned.

“I did not inquire [Hanks] to impersonate the [Joker] and yet,” the clip’s caption reads.

Hanks aboriginal musters up an content of Denzel Washington successful “American Gangster” and gives a shout-out to Washington’s lad John David Washington.

You tin ticker the clip, featured successful Ziwe’s self-titled “Showtime” series, below.

Ziwe besides teased different clips from the interrogation connected TikTok, including 1 wherever she asked if Hanks wanted to apologize to “any marginalized communities.”

Hanks has faced disapproval for utilizing Patois connected societal media, similar successful a 2020 Instagram video changeable from the Golden Globes reddish carpet.


Hanks defended his fake accent on the societal web Clubhouse successful 2020, BuzzFeed reported.

In his interrogation with Ziwe, Hanks said helium didn’t consciousness that he’s “truly” done thing “offensive.”

“You don’t spot it arsenic taste appropriation; you spot it arsenic a solemnisation of culture?” Ziwe asked.

“Mmhmm,” Hanks said.

“And past it’s similar societal justness warriors tin like, spell footwear rocks,” Ziwe added.

“Yeah. Yeah. Yeah,” Hanks replied.

Ziwe met Hanks’ reply with a speedy “no comment” and “got it” earlier helium reaffirmed: “Social justness warriors tin footwear rocks.”

Ziwe’s interrogation with Hanks aired little than a period aft his quality connected the FX drama bid “Atlanta.”

In an evident notation to his real-life accent controversy, Hanks appeared with a butchered, half-baked accent from Trinidad and Tobago successful the occurrence “Trini 2 De Bone.”

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