Chile right-wing Kast gains edge in polls as presidential vote nears

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Chilean statesmanlike campaigner Jose Antonio Kast from far-right Republican Party meets with supporters during a run rally successful the outskirts of Santiago, up of the archetypal circular of statesmanlike elections connected November 21, Chile, October 25, 2021. REUTERS/Ivan Alvarado

SANTIAGO, Nov 1 (Reuters) - Chile's right-wing statesmanlike candidate, José Antonio Kast, is pulling up successful pre-election sentiment polls conscionable weeks earlier the country's November ballot, though is inactive seen losing a apt second-round run-off against a campaigner from the left.

The Pulso Ciudadano study, released connected Sunday by the consulting steadfast Activa Research, showed the ultra-conservative campaigner sometimes likened to Brazilian person Jair Bolsonaro gaining 26.5% of the vote, pulling somewhat up of center-left erstwhile pupil person Gabriel Boric, astatine 25%.

In 3rd spot is center-left erstwhile curate and Christian Democratic campaigner Yasna Provoste, with 12.1%.

The statesmanlike election, the archetypal since wide protests successful 2019 rocked the Andean copper-producing country, volition beryllium held connected Nov. 21. If nary campaigner gets an implicit majority, determination volition beryllium a head-to-head ballot successful December betwixt the apical 2 competitors.

In a hypothetical 2nd circular betwixt Kast and Boric, the leftist would summation 42.9% of the ballot compared to 36.8% for Kast, who has surged successful the polls successful caller weeks. Critics comparison Kast to Bolsonaro and erstwhile U.S. President Donald Trump.

The fortnightly Pulso Ciudadano survey was carried retired utilizing 2,027 online interviews from October 25-29, with a borderline of mistake of positive oregon minus 2.2%.

The play Cadem survey released connected Monday besides showed Kast climbing successful the polls, gaining 24% of elector penchant compared to 19% of Boric, who has been falling successful caller weeks. The canvass surveyed 1,005 radical with a borderline of mistake of +/-3.1%.

Reporting by Natalia Ramos; Editing by Adam Jourdan and Mark Porter

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