Chinese metropolis Chengdu extends Covid lockdown, again, with no end in sight

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(CNN)China's mega metropolis of Chengdu has extended its Covid lockdown for a 2nd time, with nary extremity successful show arsenic authorities conflict to eradicate an outbreak that is continuing despite stringent restrictions that person upended businesses and regular life.

Home to 21 cardinal radical and the superior of southwestern Sichuan province, Chengdu was locked down connected September 1, becoming the largest Chinese metropolis to travel to a standstill since Shanghai's achy two-month lockdown successful the spring. The metropolis is besides a large accumulation hub for Apple.

On Sunday, erstwhile citywide investigating was owed to end, Chengdu extended the lockdown for astir of the city, and ordered caller rounds of wide investigating done Wednesday.

    Chinese metropolis of Chengdu locks down   21 cardinal  residents

    Late connected Wednesday night, authorities announced that lockdown measures would beryllium extended yet again successful astir districts, covering 16 cardinal people. Mass investigating volition continue daily, and the metropolis aims to destruct assemblage infections wrong a week.

      Authorities did not uncover erstwhile the lockdown volition end, saying lone that the restrictions would beryllium "dynamically adjusted based connected the improvement of the epidemic and the request of (Covid) prevention and control."

      Chengdu reported 116 infections for Wednesday, bring its full caseload to astir 1,800 implicit the past period -- a important outbreak by the standards of China's zero-Covid strategy.

      "Three days, 3 days and different 3 days, erstwhile tin the lockdown end?" a Chengdu nonmigratory wrote connected Weibo, China's Twitter-like platform.

        Some districts person banned the online transportation of what they described arsenic "non-daily necessities," including tea, coffee, hotpot and barbeques. Cafes, bakeries and barbeque joints were besides ordered to close, according to authorities notices.

        Widespread lockdowns

        Across China, section authorities are nether immense unit to stamp retired infections astatine immoderate outgo successful the last countdown to a Communist Party gathering successful October, erstwhile person Xi Jinping is expected to unafraid a norm-breaking 3rd word successful power.

        More than 70 cities person been placed nether afloat oregon partial Covid lockdowns since precocious August, affecting much than 300 cardinal people, according to a CNN tally.

        As of Wednedsay, China has 1,604 high-risk areas, 1,730 medium-risk areas, and 309 low-risk areas, according to the country's National Health Commission. The size of a hazard country tin alteration from a store to a full residential compound. People successful high-risk areas are strictly banned from leaving their homes, and those successful medium-risk areas are confined to their compounds.

        In immoderate cities, authorities look unprepared for the lockdown, causing terrible nutrient shortages.

        Guiyang, superior of southwestern Guizhou province, placed its main districts nether a four-day lockdown connected Monday, aft reporting 132 cases. By Wednesday, galore Guiyang residents had turned to societal media to telephone for assistance for nutrient shortages.

        Chinese cities unreserved  to lockdown successful  amusement   of loyalty to Xi's 'zero-Covid' strategy

        The concern appeared peculiarly terrible successful Huaguoyuan, a mega flat analyzable location to astir 400,000 residents, according to authorities media. Posts circulating connected societal media amusement screenshots of residents pleading for food, with immoderate claiming they person been starving for 3 days.

        The section authorities acknowledged the contented and apologized for the deficiency of supplies successful a connection connected Wednesday. "Affected by the epidemic, our residents...have faced trouble successful procuring regular necessities. We're trying our champion to lick the issue," the Nanming territory authorities said.

        Yang Rui, a Huaguoyuan resident, said she received supplies from the authorities connected Thursday morning, but galore others person yet to person them. "Supplies and unit are some limited, it'll person to instrumentality immoderate time," she said.

        Guiyang is location to Apple's Chinese information center. Guizhou-Cloud Big Data, which built the information halfway with Apple, said successful a missive to unit published connected the company's authoritative WeChat account: "To guarantee the provincial covid prevention strategy runs smoothly, galore of america are staying present successful our post. (Staff) has not gone location adjacent erstwhile for an full week, nor did they get a afloat slumber passim the week."

        CNN has reached retired to Apple for remark connected the ongoing lockdowns successful Chengdu and Guiyang.

        In Shanghai, guests astatine the Disney edifice were deed by a two-day lockdown connected Wednesday, aft authorities recovered that a erstwhile impermanent astatine the edifice had been successful adjacent interaction with a Covid patient.

          And successful Beijing, authorities are scrambling to curb an outbreak centered connected assemblage campuses. The metropolis reported 14 section infections for Tuesday and 10 infections for Wednesday.

          Nationwide, China reported 1,439 caller infections connected Wednesday, according to the National Health Commission.

          CNN's Alex Stambaugh contributed to reporting.

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