Chris Evans has been named People magazine's 'Sexiest Man Alive'

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Chris Evans, seen present  astatine  the premiere of "The Gray Man" successful  London connected  July 19, 2022, is the caller   Sexiest Man Alive.

CNN  — 

People mag has crowned histrion Chris Evans this year’s Sexiest Man Alive.

The unveiling was made connected “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” with assistance from John Oliver and Dwayne Johnson.

In a spot that aired connected the show, Oliver sat successful the show’s assemblage arsenic Colbert announced the victor from 2 finalists – Oliver and Evans, who Colbert called an “incandescent supernova of hotness.”

When Evans’ sanction was announced, a miffed Oliver prompted the assemblage to boo and stormed retired angrily, demanding a “recount” arsenic helium exited.

The erstwhile “Captain America” star, who couldn’t look connected the show, was alternatively congratulated by Johnson connected the acceptable of their movie, “Red One.”

“It means a batch coming from a erstwhile Sexiest Man Alive,” Evans tells Johnson successful the video.

Johnson, a 2016 Sexiest Man screen star, however, goes connected to close him: “I ne'er springiness the rubric up….I’m Sexiest Man Alive successful perpetuity, which means for life.”

Evans, confused, tries to get clarification, but Johnson stops him.

“Let maine inquire you a question, brother. Am I alive?… Am I inactive sexy? You stake your sexy rima I am. We’re sharing it!”

Evans agrees and the 2 sexiest men live live, apparently, happily ever after. But not earlier Johnson prompts his co-star to accidental thing “sexy” into the camera and Evans obliges.

“Go ballot tomorrow.”

Evans succeeds chap Marvel alum Paul Rudd connected the Sexiest mantel.

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