Chris Paul masterclass inspires Phoenix Suns to 2-0 lead in NBA playoffs

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(CNN)NBA seasoned Chris Paul led the Phoenix Suns to triumph against the Dallas Mavericks successful the NBA playoffs connected Wednesday successful his quest for his archetypal NBA championship.

Paul, who turns 37 connected Friday, racked up 28 points, six rebounds and 8 assists to animate the Suns to a 129-109 triumph successful the Western Conference best-of-seven playoff series.

It looked apt to beryllium a choky crippled going into the 4th fourth arsenic the Suns were lone up by six, 89-83, but Phoenix turned it into a comfy triumph aft scoring 40 points successful the last period, including 14 from Paul.

    "You guys archer me, you're watching the aforesaid thing," chap Suns defender Devin Booker -- who had a team-high 30 points -- told reporters erstwhile asked astir Paul's longevity.

      "It impresses america each clip we spot it, but it doesn't astonishment us. It's conscionable the volition to win."

      The Suns caput to Dallas with a 2-0 pb and volition anticipation Paul tin support coming up clutch. The 36-year-old, however, is keeping his feet connected the ground.

      "You've conscionable got to thin connected the work," Paul told reporters, explaining his quality to support playing astatine the highest level. "It each goes backmost to the work.

        "You can't cheat the game. You've got to bash the spot and conditioning, you've got to lift, you've got to get your rest, you got to get your shots up.

        "When you bash that, you unrecorded with the results."

        Dallas prima Luka Doncic did his champion to support his squad successful it with a standout 35 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists connected 13-of-22 shooting, but small other came from a tame Mavs side, starring manager Jason Kidd to inquire the remainder of his squad for more.

        "He had a large game, but nary 1 other showed. We've got to get different guys shooting the shot better," Kidd said postgame. "We can't triumph with conscionable him retired determination scoring 30 a nighttime -- not astatine this clip of the year. And we're playing the champion squad successful the league, truthful we've got to get different guys going."

        Game 3 is connected Friday successful Dallas.

        Paul drives to the handbasket  against Mavs defender  Spencer Dinwiddie.

        Heat instrumentality 2-0 pb implicit Sixers

        Meanwhile, successful the Eastern Conference, the Miami Heat stretched their playoff pb to 2-0 aft beating the Philadelphia 76ers 119-103 connected Wednesday.

        Bam Adebayo and Jimmy Butler scored 23 and 22 points respectively for the hosts who had excessively overmuch for their opponents.

        Philadelphia volition beryllium desperately hoping MVP campaigner Joel Embiid tin instrumentality from suffering a facial fracture and concussion helium suffered against the Toronto Raptors to assistance get its postseason hopes backmost connected track.

        However, aft Wednesday's defeat, Sivers manager Doc Rivers said helium was inactive unsure whether Embiid volition beryllium acceptable capable for Game 3.

          "He's got truthful galore steps to spell through, and I don't deliberation he's cleared immoderate of them close now. So we conscionable person to hold and see," helium told reporters.

          Philadelphia hosts Game 3 connected Friday.

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