Cinco de Mayo Fast Facts

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(CNN)Here's a look astatine Cinco de Mayo which commemorates the Mexican triumph implicit the French astatine the Battle of Puebla connected May 5, 1862. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated connected May 5 each year.


Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for the 5th of May.

    The Mexican service nether the bid of Ignacio Zaragoza, contempt being smaller and ill-equipped, won the conflict astatine the municipality of Puebla -- astir 85 miles eastbound of Mexico City.

      Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico's independency time from Spain, which occurred successful 1810 and is celebrated connected September 16.

      In Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is observed with governmental speeches and conflict re-enactments.

      In the 1960s and 1970s, the time became identified with the Chicano rights question successful the United States, particularly successful the authorities of California.

          The time became 1 to observe Hispanic heritage.

          In galore cities successful the United States, determination are parades and festivities featuring mariachi music, dancing and Mexican food.

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