City giving out gift cards in exchange for guns

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Durham, N.C. — Two weapon buyback events successful Durham this play volition assistance radical who request to safely get escaped of their firearms.

Both events volition instrumentality spot Saturday, Aug. 6, astatine 9:30 a.m. Gun buyback sites see Mt. Vernon Baptist Church astatine 1007 South Roxboro St. and the Durham County Stadium connected Wisteria Avenue.

Visa acquisition cards volition beryllium fixed for moving agelong guns ($100), handguns ($150) and battle rifles ($200).

A reminder from the Durham County Sheriff's Office read, "All weapons indispensable be unloaded and laying successful plain presumption successful your vehicle. When you get astatine the location, instrumentality enforcement volition springiness instructions arsenic to the process of retrieving and securing each weapons."

This volition beryllium the 2nd weapon buyback lawsuit successful Durham successful the past 4 months. In April, astir 100 firearms were collected.

"I was pleased to spot our assemblage crook retired successful large numbers," Sheriff Clarence F. Birkhead said. "We provided acquisition cards to those who turned successful weapons, and we ran out. This is simply a bully occupation to have. I look guardant to continuing to enactment with assemblage partners including Judge Pat Evans to get guns disconnected our streets and distant from the hands of criminals."

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