Cleveland Browns bounce back from humiliating loss to beat bitter rivals Pittsburgh Steelers, 29-17

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(CNN)Last Sunday day was 1 to hide for the Cleveland Browns.

For a franchise with a past of heartbreak and disappointment, giving up a 13-point pb successful the last fewer minutes against the New York Jets -- and their backup backmost -- to suffer was shocking adjacent for the Browns.

However, connected Thursday Night Football, they went immoderate ways towards correcting those mistakes, beating their bitter AFC North part rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers, 29-17.

    Cleveland backmost Jacoby Brissett threw for 220 yards and 2 touchdowns -- 1 to Amari Cooper and 1 to David Njoku -- portion Nick Chubb continued his fantabulous season, moving for 113 yards and a touchdown.

      Despite trailing astatine halftime, a operation of the Browns discourtesy rolling and the defence putting the clamps connected the Steelers wrapped up an important triumph for Cleveland, exorcising immoderate of Sunday's demons.

      It was Brissett's burgeoning transportation with Cooper -- who was traded from the Dallas Cowboys successful the offseason -- which was a cardinal driving unit down Thursday's victory.

      Having breached retired successful his location debut past week with 101 yards, Cooper again finished with 101 yards against Pittsburgh, including an 11-yard touchdown successful the archetypal quarter.

        After the game, Brissett expressed his appreciation for the acquisition of the four-time Pro Bowler.

        "I'm gladsome they [management] did it," Brissett told NFL Network Insider Tom Pelissero.

        "I mean he's been unbelievable. He's 1 of the smartest, hardest-working players I've ever worked with, comes retired present each week, each time moving hard, putting successful the enactment and it's conscionable a pleasance to play with him. I cognize that helium wants to conscionable proceed to support this going."

        Cooper celebrates his touchdown during the archetypal  4th   alongside Donovan Peoples-Jones.

        Calling for the rookie

        The Pittsburgh discourtesy continued its aboriginal play struggles of being capable to determination the shot consistently with Mitch Trubisky down halfway connected Thursday.

        Although determination were glimpses of explosiveness -- a stunning drawback from rookie George Pickens and Najee Harris looking dynamic -- it was different constricted show from Trubisky and the offense.

        Trubisky, the erstwhile No. 2 wide prime who arrived successful the offseason from the Buffalo Bills, was named the starter this play by caput manager Mike Tomlin.

        However, the Steelers drafted backmost Kenny Pickett with the 20th prime of this year's draft. Given the violative struggles the squad has shown truthful acold this year, calls from fans person gotten louder for the erstwhile Pittsburgh Panthers prima to get his accidental successful the lineup. During past week's nonaccomplishment to the New England Patriots, the Pittsburgh faithful could beryllium heard chanting Pickett's name.

        Trubisky throws during the 2nd  fractional  against the Browns.

        After the decision to the Browns, erstwhile asked astir whether helium was considering giving Pickett an opportunity, Tomlin was adamant successful sticking down Trubisky.

        "I'm not successful that mindset," Tomlin told the media. "I'm funny successful reviewing his portion and looking astatine the totality of it and figuring however we collectively get better.

          "So, the reply to that question is definitively no."

          The effect means the Steelers gaffe to 1-2 connected the twelvemonth arsenic they are acceptable to big the Jets successful Week 4. The Browns determination to 2-1 -- and atop of the AFC North -- and question to play the Atlanta Falcons adjacent week.

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