CNN Host Left Stunned By 'Terrifying' New Turn Among QAnon Followers

3 weeks ago 60

Hundreds of believers successful QAnon conspiracy theories gathered successful Dallas connected Monday to chant astir however the satellite landing was faked and hold for erstwhile President John F. Kennedy, and his lad John F. Kennedy Jr., to look and assistance Donald Trump reclaim office.

Kennedy arsenic assassinated successful 1963. His lad died successful a level clang successful 1999. They did not appear.

“I cognize there’s a tendency, Donie, to laughter astatine this,” CNN big John Berman said to analogous Donie O’Sullivan. “But it’s terrifying.”

O’Sullivan said the question comes from an online abstraction wherever determination is nary information and “people are not tethered to world anymore.” He besides offered immoderate penetration into however adherents were sucked into the movement:

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