Colbert Taunts World's 2nd-Richest Man For Being A Huge Halloween Cheapskate

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Stephen Colbert mocked the world’s richest antheral for not sharing the wealthiness erstwhile it comes to Halloween treats.

The “Late Show” big said there’s a basal declaration betwixt kids and adults erstwhile it comes to the holiday.

“You accidental ‘trick oregon treat’ and I don’t springiness you candy, legally you get to pain my location down,” helium joked. “It’s successful the good people connected the backmost of a Milky Way bar.”

But a antheral who should cognize contracts beauteous good didn’t present connected his extremity of the bargain: laminitis Jeff Bezos, aka the world’s second-richest person.

Colbert noted a Politico report that said kids knocking connected Bezos’ doorway successful Washington, D.C. were told the location was “not participating successful Halloween.”

“Not participating successful Halloween?” Colbert repeated successful disbelief. “Then wherefore did helium walk each twelvemonth costumed arsenic Panic Pete the Squeeze Toy?”

Bezos, Colbert noted, wasn’t adjacent astatine home, but was alternatively with Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates, who was celebrating his 66th birthday.

“Bezos didn’t really get Gates a gift, but helium did springiness him this card: ‘You’re turning 66, not participating successful your birthday,’” Colbert cracked.

See much successful his Monday nighttime monologue:

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