Colombia's President slams 'addiction to irrational power' in fiery first UNGA speech

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Gustavo Petro, President of Colombia, addresses the 77th league   of the General Assembly astatine  United Nations headquarters, Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2022.

United Nations Headquarters CNN  — 

In his archetypal code to the United Nations General Assembly connected Tuesday, precocious elected Colombian president Gustavo Petro delivered a fiery code that recalled immoderate of his run themes, slamming the warfare connected drugs arsenic a nonaccomplishment and accusing the planetary northbound of turning a unsighted oculus to the demolition of the Amazon.

Abandoning the cautious wording that characterizes truthful overmuch diplomacy astatine the UN, Petro contrasted the dangers of cause addiction to what helium described arsenic humanity’s adjacent much damaging “addiction to irrational power, nett and money.”

“What is much poisonous for humanity, cocaine, ember oregon oil?” helium asked.

“The sentiment of powerfulness has ordered that cocaine is poison and indispensable beryllium persecuted, portion it lone causes minimal deaths from overdoses … but instead, ember and lipid indispensable beryllium protected, adjacent erstwhile it tin extinguish each humanity,” helium said.

Following UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’s informing that “our satellite burns,” Petro besides called the planetary sermon astir redeeming the situation “hypocritical,” saying recommendations and warnings from scientists astir the demolition of the Amazon rainforest person agelong been ignored.

“The clime catastrophe that volition termination hundreds of millions of radical is not being caused by the planet, it is being caused by capital. By the logic of consuming much and more, producing much and more, and for immoderate earning much and more,” helium besides said.

Colombia's President Gustavo Petro addresses the 77th league   of the United Nations General Assembly astatine  UN office  successful  New York City connected  September 20, 2022.

Colombia is the world’s biggest shaper of cocaine, and implicit the past 50 years nationalist authorities person pushed a prohibitionist agenda, banning the commercialized and depletion of drugs successful bid to deed the criminals that nett from cause trafficking successful their pockets. So acold however, the watercourse of illicit substances has not ceased.

In his speech, Petro, who was inaugurated past month, called connected each of Latin America to halt the warfare connected drugs.

“Reducing cause usage does not necessitate wars,” helium said. “It needs each of america to physique a amended society.”

Petro has said successful the past that helium wants Colombia to export foods alternatively than cocaine and incentivize different kinds of accumulation done cultivation subsidies alternatively of weapons. His medication besides precocious presented a measure to legalize recreational marijuana successful the country, with Colombian Sen. Gustavo Bolivar – a adjacent state to Petro – telling CNN successful August that helium believed regularisation could 1 time widen to cocaine too.

His appeals connected Tuesday for a determination attack to to drugs did not autumn connected deaf ears. During a property briefing aft the day’s speeches, Bolivian President Luis Arce said connected Tuesday that his medication had been successful treatment with Petro astir the themes of the speech.

“He shared the ideas with america that helium spoke astir today. We would similar to perceive a precise circumstantial connection astir this,” Arce said.

Though noting that Bolivia and Colombia look precise antithetic situations successful presumption of cause trafficking, Arce added that helium did deliberation Colombia, Peru and Bolivia – the 3 largest producers of cocaine successful the satellite – should align their “criteria” successful combating the issue.

Since Petro took office, the 3 countries are each tally by left-leaning leaders.

Bolivia already has a thriving ineligible marketplace of coca byproducts, mostly adust leaves that are chewed by the indigenous colonisation and the governments of Bolivia and Colombia person antecedently pushed for a determination re-thinking of cause policies successful multilateral meetings.

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