Colorado Officers Charged For Leaving Suspect Inside Patrol Car Struck By Freight Train

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DENVER (AP) — Two constabulary officers progressive successful the apprehension of a pistillate who was earnestly injured erstwhile the parked patrol car she was successful was hit by a freight train were charged Monday.

Prosecutors besides announced that the woman, Yareni Rios-Gonzalez, who was arrested aft a study of an alleged roadworthy rage incidental involving a weapon earlier the crash, was besides charged with felony menacing.

The Weld County District Attorney’s Office announced the charges successful a statement. It provided basal tribunal documents listing the charges but said it would not supply further details due to the fact that of “pending litigation.” The documents did not see a communicative astir what the officers allegedly did starring up to the Sept. 16 crash, which was captured connected constabulary assemblage camera footage.

Rios-Gonzalez’s lawyer, Paul Wilkinson, who has said helium planned to record suit implicit the crash, did not instantly instrumentality a telephone telephone seeking comment.

Of the 2 constabulary officers, Fort Lupton Officer Jordan Steinke, faces the astir superior charges — attempted manslaughter and second-degree battle — some felonies. No lawyers were listed arsenic representing her successful online tribunal records yet and nary interaction accusation for her was listed connected the department’s website.

Pablo Vazquez, a sergeant from the neighboring metropolis of Platteville identified connected assemblage camera footage arsenic the arresting officer, was charged with 5 counts of reckless endangerment for allegedly putting Rios-Gonzalez, Steinke and 3 different radical astatine risk, arsenic good arsenic for traffic-related violations including parking wherever prohibited.

A telephone connection and email sent to Vazquez astatine enactment were not instantly returned. Online tribunal records did not database an lawyer representing him yet either.

Following the crash, Vazquez told different officers connected body camera footage that helium thought helium had cleared the tracks erstwhile helium parked his patrol conveyance down Rios-Gonzalez’s motortruck to apprehension her. He said helium was focused connected her due to the fact that helium was acrophobic astir weapons. He besides said helium did not cognize that the different serviceman helium was moving with from different department, who was not identified, had enactment Rios-Gonzalez successful his patrol conveyance until aft it was deed by the train. He said the “saving grace” was that the different serviceman enactment Rios-Gonzalez connected the broadside of the conveyance not usually utilized for radical who are arrested.

Other video from Vazquez’s assemblage camera amusement him and different serviceman searching Rios-Gonzalez’s motortruck arsenic the bid approaches and its horn is blaring. Vazquez asks the different serviceman respective times implicit the dependable of the train’s rumbling whether Rios-Gonzalez was successful the patrol conveyance and she responds, 1 manus to her face, “Oh my God, yes, she was!”

Other constabulary video shows officers scrambling arsenic the bid approaches and slams into the vehicle.

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