Community supporting teen battling cancer

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SAGINAW TWP., Mich. (WNEM) - The Valley Lutheran assemblage is rallying astir 1 of their ain arsenic helium continues to conflict cancer.

Monday night, each subordinate of the varsity boys shot squad wore orangish socks during their crippled against Saginaw Nouvel to enactment Jack Koltvedt, a sophomore astatine Valley Lutheran who was precocious diagnosed with leukemia.

“I emotion that we’re doing this to enactment him, and I deliberation it’s truly awesome,” said Micah Cmeyla, a Valley Lutheran junior. “He’s astir apt 1 of my closest friends. I went to people schoolhouse with him.”

Orange is the colour for leukemia awareness. Jack said helium felt good capable to be the crippled and said he’s thankful for everyone’s support.

“I consciousness truthful honored to spot each this,” Jack said. “It’s overwhelming successful a bully way. It’s precise awesome to cognize that I person each of these radical supporting me.”

The enactment has besides continued online wherever precocious schoolhouse friends of Jack started a GoFundMe leafage to assistance his household with aesculapian bills. The fundraiser has already surpassed its $10,000 goal.

“We ever speech astir our schoolhouse being a household and it was household time,” said Doug Guenther, Valley Lutheran caput coach. “It was a clip for everybody to get unneurotic to commune for Jack, to retrieve Jack. I person Jack successful people this year. Was expected to person Jack successful people this year. So we proceed to deliberation astir him and commune for him successful schoolhouse arsenic overmuch arsenic we can. We privation Jack to beryllium a portion of our household truthful erstwhile helium comes backmost helium tin consciousness welcome.”

Jack said he’s inactive months distant from being capable to be classes successful person, but said helium is starting to consciousness much similar himself again and helium cannot hold to someday beryllium declared crab free.

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