Conor McGregor To Make Feature Acting Debut In Jake Gyllenhaal 'Road House' Remake

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UFC champion Conor McGregor knows however to usage his fists, but present he’s astir to effort his manus astatine acting.

The Irish combatant volition marque his silver-screen debut successful manager Doug Liman’s remake of the 1989 enactment deed “Road House,” which starred Patrick Swayze arsenic a barroom bouncer who uncovers organized transgression successful Missouri.

Jake Gyllenhaal was formed successful the lead arsenic a erstwhile UFC combatant who finds enactment astatine a Florida Keys bar, according to Deadline. McGregor, who has antecedently acted successful video games, is joining Gyllenhaal and different seasoned actors including Billy Magnussen and Lukas Gage.

Director Rowdy Herrington’s archetypal “Road House” was initially panned by critics and holds a 37% standing connected the reappraisal aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes. It has since go a cult classic, however, with a agelong afterlife connected location video and cable.

Conor McGregor volition marque his question representation acting debut on Jake Gyllenhaal successful the 80’s classical “Road House” remake, it was announced today. Filming starts wrong the month. He volition person a starring role.

Here’s a connection from his spokesperson @KarenKesslerPR:

— Ariel Helwani (@arielhelwani) August 3, 2022

The remake is being produced by Joel Silver, whose past productions person included the “Matrix” and “Lethal Weapon” franchises. “Road House” volition premiere connected Amazon Prime astatine an chartless day alongside a imaginable theatrical release.

McGregor spokeswoman Karen J. Kessler said the jock is “very excited to grow his storied vocation to Hollywood” but that warring inactive “remains his apical focus.”

“He is anxious to get started filming,” she added.

Production for “Road House” is acceptable to statesman successful the Dominican Republic this month.

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