Country star gives kids cash after seeing sign

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Country euphony superstar Luke Combs played back-to-back sold retired shows successful Bangor this play connected his ‘The Middle of Somewhere Tour.’

During Friday night’s amusement helium made rather an content connected 2 young fans.

As it turns out, they worked hard to get the wealth for tickets to attend.

“I prayed for it to happen. I hoped. I prayed, and it happened,” 12-year-old Bo Fenderson of Cornish, Maine told TV5.

He is simply a large Luke Comb’s fan, truthful erstwhile helium heard, the vocalist was coming to Bangor helium knew helium wanted to go.

But helium needed the wealth to get there.

Incredible performance past night! Luke is the man!

Posted by Bryan James connected Saturday, September 3, 2022

Last nighttime successful Bangor determination was kids who had a motion that said they stacked 5 cords of wood to beryllium capable to bargain Luke Combs tickets. Then luke pulled each the wealth helium had successful his wallet and gave it backmost to the kids, and hooked them up with each kinds of shirts and hats and such. Luke Combs has a bosom of golden 🤍 it was unthinkable to witness!

Posted by Sonya Limeburner connected Saturday, September 3, 2022

“The performance was brought up and it was an immediate, yes,” said Bo’s mom, Desiree. “But, the tickets were pricey truthful it was good we tin instrumentality your, but you don’t deliberation astir what you conscionable did and gain and you cognize if you guys could bargain your ain tickets, we could marque a fractional and and they said yes, and I deliberation it was a large acquisition for some of them, and for each of them.”

“Hard enactment pays off,” his person Tanner told us.

During Friday night’s amusement astatine Maine Savings Ampitheater, Combs spotted the young fans’ homemade motion successful the assemblage that read:

“We made $100 bucks stacking 5 cords of wood, bought 2 Luke Combs tickets. Man, helium sounds good. Our Dads swore it was a discarded of time, ohio but they were wrong. Today’s my 12th birthday, ohio Lord erstwhile it rains it pours.”

When Combs realized however overmuch enactment they enactment successful to get to the show, helium offered to repay them, asking. “How overmuch were you tickets? $100? $200? Y’all paid $200, a 100 dollars apiece. Oh my God, I lone got $140 close here. Y’all privation that, wage yourselves back. I’ll get you immoderate more.”

“He pulled retired $140 dollars to wage for our tickets,” said Bo.

The reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year signed their hats past told them helium would invitation them backstage aft the show.

He kept bully connected his promise.

“I thought it was beauteous chill to spot him walking towards us,” said Tanner.

“He came towards america and we were capable to conscionable with him. I thought it was truly cool,” Bo said.

@lukecombs our privation came existent past nighttime and we got to conscionable you. Never thought it was truly going to hap you made our nighttime and my cousins bday convey you truthful overmuch we volition ne'er hide it. You are the champion and your amusement was awesome can’t hold to bash it again.

— Jennifer Brown (@Jennife15073611) September 3, 2022

The boys accidental they learned immoderate invaluable beingness lessons.

“The 2 astir important things successful beingness are hard enactment and kindness,” Bo told us.

Something Combs displayed to them.

“He’s a large relation exemplary to instrumentality the clip and bash that, and truly admit what they did. It wasn’t conscionable Luke, it was the remainder of the unit excessively that made it hap and made it a constituent to travel find america and the boys and fulfill that committedness that helium made to them. I deliberation for each of the sisters, the cousins, and the friends that they each learned a invaluable lesson,” said Desiree.

“I conscionable deliberation it’s truly an astonishing happening for him to person done this to reenforce lessons that we effort to instill successful our children,” said Tanner’s mom, Justine. “They went knowing, and conscionable to marque it this large is amazing. It’s truthful heartwarming.”

A day Bo volition ne'er forget!

And a speedy enactment - during Saturday night’s show, Combs told the assemblage helium had to chopped his acceptable abbreviated owed to pharynx issues.

We are told helium refunded everyone, and inactive played.

Bangor, we’ve got a occupation - Luke Combs perfectly crushed it past nighttime and I don’t deliberation I’ll ever afloat retrieve it 😮‍💨Thank goodness we person 1 much amusement with him tonight! See you each there👀

— Maine Savings Amphitheater (@mainesavingsamp) September 3, 2022

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