Couple's engagement photo goes viral

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MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- An engagement photograph sprout successful Wisconsin is taking societal media by storm.

That photograph sprout has 11,000 likes and thousands of shares connected Facebook.

"We met connected Tinder similar each different idiosyncratic our property these days," said Andrew Meier.

Meier and his fiancé, Annemarie Ryan, acceptable retired to instrumentality engagement photos, thing that's beauteous common, but they did it with a Wisconsin twist.

"It's family, Green Bay, Kwik Trip and Culvers," said Meier.

Trading the mean fastener downs and flowery dresses, for Culvers and Kwik Trip sweaters, debuting their emotion for what galore would telephone Wisconsin staples.

Meier goes connected to accidental his fiancé suggested the sweater shoot.

"She's similar let's bash Kwik Trip and Culvers, and I'm like, yea large idea.

Meier told CBS 58 helium and his fiancé had their archetypal day astatine Culvers, making wide what helium already knew.

"We went to Culvers, and aft I knew that she loved Culvers I knew that she was the one," said Meier.

Nathan Lewis, the antheral down the viral photo, said a representation similar this is worthy a 1000 words.

"They tin look backmost and consciousness those aforesaid feelings that they had truthful galore years agone but this 1 is conscionable a small other peculiar due to the fact that it's got a Midwest spirit to it."

Lewis is co-owner of Nathan and Stephanie Photography based successful Kenosha.

Meier said helium was not expecting for the societal media stroke up, but nevertheless, the aboriginal husband-to-be, said it makes for a large communicative to archer aboriginal generations.

"Great Wisconsin emotion story, radical retired eastbound and westbound person nary thought what Kwik Trip is but that’s good we request to support it here, support it Wisconsin," said Meier.

Meier and Ryan are acceptable to beryllium joined successful the autumn of 2023.

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