Couple save man in wheelchair on train tracks

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HOLBROOK -- There are times erstwhile radical tin truly marque a quality successful idiosyncratic else's life. Matt and Megan Pohl of Randolph are surviving examples of this. Last week earlier the Patriots game, they noticed a alien who needed to beryllium rescued due to the fact that his wheelchair got stuck connected the bid tracks successful Holbrook.

"You conscionable got to assistance people, to prevention people," Matt told WBZ-TV. 

"It was hard. His instrumentality was perfectly wedged betwixt the factual and the track," said Megan. "I don't deliberation helium realized what was astir to happen."

But the Pohls did and without hesitation, they reacted. The approaching bid was conscionable seconds distant from reaching the man. 

"As we got him off, these [crossing gates] came down and the bid came by," said Megan. 

"I didn't cognize if we were going to get deed trying to get him off," Matt said. 

They got the accidental to conscionable the antheral they helped connected Monday. He's 27-year-old Jamarc Tidwell, but goes by JT. He has peculiar needs and is semi-independent, but connected that time helium needed an other hand.

"They saved maine from the train," JT told WBZ. 

JT is successful request of a caller electrical wheelchair, the 1 helium has is not moving decently which is wherefore helium got stuck. 

He is besides a immense Patriots fan. He was connected his mode to drawback a cupful of java astatine Mary Lou's earlier kickoff erstwhile helium got stuck. "Best java successful town," said JT, which Megan agreed with. 

When constabulary arrived, JT was already safely disconnected the tracks, but inactive wanted his java for the game. Holbrook constabulary serviceman Justo Pagan was blessed to oblige and bought him one.

As for the Good Samaritans: "I would anticipation my kids would get assistance if they needed it," said Megan. 

Paul Burton


Paul Burton is simply a wide duty newsman for WBZ-TV News.

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