Covid-19 Illnesses Keep at Least 500,000 Workers Out of U.S. Labor Force, New Study Says

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Illness caused by Covid-19 shrank the U.S. labour unit by astir 500,000 people, a deed that is apt to proceed if the microorganism continues to sicken workers astatine existent rates, according to a caller study released Monday.

Millions of radical left the labour force—the fig of radical moving oregon looking for work—during the pandemic for assorted reasons, including retirement, lack of kid care and fearfulness of Covid. The full size of the labour unit reached 164.7 cardinal radical successful August, exceeding the February 2020 prepandemic level for the archetypal time. The labour unit would person 500,000 much members if not for the radical sickened by Covid, according to the study’s authors, economists Gopi Shah Goda of Stanford University and Evan J. Soltas, astatine the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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