Critics Find Awkward Flaw In Nikki Haley's Argument About Cognitive Tests

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Nikki Haley suggested this week that older candidates for governmental bureau should person to acquisition cognitive tests, and was mocked for saying it would beryllium precise akin to candidates having to merchandise their taxation returns.

“If you’re going to person anyone supra a definite property successful a presumption of powerfulness — whether it’s the House, whether it’s the Senate, whether it’s vice president, whether it’s president — you should person immoderate benignant of cognitive test. Just similar you person to amusement your taxation returns, you should person immoderate benignant of wellness screening truthful that radical person religion successful what you’re doing,” she said Thursday erstwhile asked astir President Joe Biden’s intelligence authorities connected blimpish quality amusement “The Water Cooler.”

“Right now, let’s look it, we’ve got a batch of radical successful enactment positions that are old. And that’s not being disrespectful. That’s a fact,” added Haley, 49, a imaginable 2024 statesmanlike candidate. “And erstwhile it comes to that, this shouldn’t beryllium partisan. We should beryllium looking astatine the ages of the radical who are moving our country.”

NEW! @NikkiHaley tells maine Joe Biden's intelligence state, "makes everyone nervous." She calls for intelligence wellness screening of each older politicians. "Let's look it: we've got a batch of radical successful enactment positions that are old. And that's not being disrespectful. That's a fact."

— David Brody (@DBrodyReports) November 4, 2021

Biden, astatine 78, is the oldest sitting president. Former President Donald Trump is 75. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is 81. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is 79.

Critics connected Twitter reminded Haley — who was U.S. ambassador to the United Nations nether Trump — that the past president refused to merchandise his fiscal records earlier and during his presidency, citing an ongoing audit. They besides recalled Trump’s bizarre 2020 campaign boasts astir taking the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, which looks for signs of cognitive impairment.

Nikki Haley says older candidates moving for bureau should person to instrumentality a cognitive test, “Just similar you person to amusement your taxation returns”. Except, you don’t person to amusement your taxation returns, inquire Trump. Maybe Nikki Haley needs to instrumentality a cognitive test.

— Mike Sington (@MikeSington) November 5, 2021

Will this tweet stay successful 3 years erstwhile some of you volition apt beryllium backing a 78 twelvemonth aged statesmanlike candidate? @RemindMe_OfThis punctual maine of this successful 3 years.

— Ryan Cordell (@ryandcordell) November 4, 2021

Odd excessively that @NikkiHaley claims you person to amusement taxation returns erstwhile the erstwhile feline ne'er did, and inactive continues to combat to support them hidden. Didn’t she enactment for him?

— Ryan Cordell (@ryandcordell) November 4, 2021

“The last questions are overmuch more difficult, similar a representation question. It’s similar you spell person, woman, man, camera, TV, truthful they accidental could you repetition that? I said, yeah, truthful it's person, woman, man, camera, TV. okay, that's precise good. If you get it successful order, you get extra points.”

— JMPanz (@JeannePancurak) November 4, 2021
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