Cubans are arriving to the US in record numbers. Smugglers are profiting from their exodus

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Havana, Cuba (CNN)As Cuba confronts the worst shortages of nutrient and medicine successful decades and runaway inflation, a caller exodus of the island's citizens is underway.

In March, much than 32,000 Cubans arrived astatine the US-Mexico border, astir doubly the fig from the erstwhile month, according to US Customs and Border Protection data.

Desperate to permission Cuba, Claudia, her hubby and their young lad managed to get visas to Mexico successful Havana -- the archetypal measurement successful a travel that placed them successful the hands of transgression smuggling networks that are known to complaint migrants thousands of dollars for harmless transition to the US border.

    Claudia, who requested her existent sanction not beryllium utilized successful this communicative for her safety, said she decided to permission Cuba aft the July 2021 wide protests implicit powerfulness outages, nutrient shortages and a deficiency of civilian liberties, boiled over.

      The Cuban authorities said the protests were orchestrated by Washington to topple the communist government. Prosecutors person charged implicit 700 radical with sedition and civilian disobedience successful the largest wide trials since the opening of the Cuban revolution.

      "I was done aft July 11," Claudia told CNN. "I americium leaving for my son, for his future. I spent each time waiting successful lines truthful helium tin person yogurt. I enactment astatine a [government] infirmary for $50 a month. I fundamentally enactment for free."

      Cubans that person  conscionable  crossed the US-Mexico borderline  huddle adjacent   a occurrence  successful  Yuma, Arizona successful  February.

      After pretending to beryllium tourists for 2 days successful Cancún, Mexico, Claudia and her household were told by the Mexican smugglers they contacted to alert from Mexico City to Mexicali, a metropolis of much than 1 cardinal inhabitants close connected the US border.

        Claudia said the tiny level to Mexicali was afloat of chap Cubans. She said the smugglers had warned her that Mexican constabulary would halt them arsenic they arrived astatine the Mexicali airdrome and to spot $100 successful each of their passports.

        Claudia said Mexican constabulary detained each of the Cubans from their formation and from different formation -- from Guadalajara, that was carrying mostly Cuban passengers -- that arrived astatine the aforesaid time.

        The Cubans from the 2 flights were taken to a adjacent constabulary presumption and the officers kept their passports, she said. There, she said, the constabulary fto her and her family, on with the different Cubans who had placed a $100 bribe successful their passports spell free. The others remained detained, she said.

        Police successful Mexicali did not respond to a CNN petition for comment. Migrants regularly kick that constabulary successful Mexico solicit bribes and rob them.

        After leaving constabulary custody, Claudia said that the smuggler they had been successful interaction with picked them up successful a car and drove them to an unfinished location successful the Mexican desert.

        There, she said a fistful of equipped smugglers told much than 30 migrants to hold successful 2 stiflingly blistery rooms until they could effort the borderline crossing. One country was afloat of radical from antithetic countries, she said.

        "There were Colombians, Bangladeshis, Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, Haitians. It felt similar the full satellite was successful there," she said. The different room, Claudia said, was packed with Cubans.

        Cubans cod  donated nutrient  astatine  a supermarket successful  Havana successful  August 2021.

        A wide exodus

        Cubans person wide emigrated successful waves passim the years.

        In 1994, immoderate 35,000 Cubans made the unsafe travel to the US connected makeshift rafts. And successful 1980, during the "Mariel Boatlift," an estimated 125,000 Cubans fled to the US connected a flotilla of boats.

        However, this existent exodus is connected way to beryllium adjacent larger. According to US Customs and Border Protection data, astir 80,000 Cubans reached the US borderline from Mexico from October done March.

        The emergence successful migration comes arsenic the Cuban authorities has begun to easiness Covid-19 related question restrictions.

        For overmuch of the pandemic, the authorities kept the land connected a choky lockdown. People wanting to question often waited months to get a spot connected 1 of the fistful of play flights out.

        A powerfulness  outage successful  Havana.

        As Cuba relaxed the restrictions successful November, the Cuban government's state Nicaragua lifted their visa requirements for Cubans -- sparking a surge of radical who tried to question to the Central American federation arsenic a mode to yet scope the US.

        Suddenly Cubans began posting online ads selling their homes with "everything inside" to wage for the costly airfare. Others joked astir "going to sojourn the volcanos" successful Nicaragua, a tongue-in-cheek mode of saying they were emigrating to the US.

        Many Cubans flew done Panama to scope Nicaragua -- and successful March, erstwhile the Panamanian authorities said it would necessitate Cubans traveling via the state to get a transit visa, a ample assemblage of hopeless Cubans mobbed Panama's embassy successful Havana.

        Cubans protestation  extracurricular  the Panama Embassy successful  Havana arsenic  the state  tightens visa requirements successful  March.

        Increasing shortages connected basal goods are what's driving galore radical to permission the island, English teacher Kailen Rodríguez told CNN successful April arsenic she waited extracurricular Panama's embassy for a visa.

        "We don't person the anticipation to bargain galore things here. There [outside of Cuba] we tin bargain each the things," she said.

        Critics accidental the economical situation and consequent migration is the responsibility of the Cuban authorities which past uses the question of migrants to unit the US to the negotiating table.

        "Tyrannies origin monolithic migrations," said Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) successful April. "It's not conscionable a hostile act, if it reaches a definite level, it's considered an enactment of war."

        Cuban officials accidental that accrued sanctions, enactment successful spot nether erstwhile US President Donald Trump's medication are contributing to the economical turmoil connected the island.

        "In the lawsuit of Cuba, it's not conscionable the effect of the pandemic, it's the consequences of the reinforcement of the argumentation of maximum economical unit of the US towards Cuba," Cuban Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Josefina Vidal told CNN successful an interrogation past month.

        The US and Cuba held their archetypal migration talks successful 4 years successful April, but failed to scope a caller agreement.

        Meanwhile, migrants similar Claudia volition apt proceed to wage transgression organizations to instrumentality them connected the unsafe and uncertain travel to the US.

        A household  from Cuba waits to beryllium  transported to a US Border Patrol processing halfway  successful  December 2021 successful  Yuma, Arizona.

        'I consciousness liberated'

        Claudia said smugglers near her and the different migrants connected a ungraded roadworthy adjacent to the US borderline successful the acheronian aft signaling the way to take.

        The way was littered with trash and the coats of different migrants who had gone earlier them.

        "They told america to not usage the lights connected our phones and to support the children quiet," Claudia said.

        But the radical rapidly got disorientated until 1 of the radical successful the group, a Colombian, utilized a representation exertion connected his telephone to usher them backmost towards the US border, she said.

        As they reached the border, Claudia said the radical could spot lights -- a McDonalds -- from the Arizona side.

        Democracy had a pugnacious  twelvemonth  successful  Latin America. But it's not each  doom and gloom

        The migrants past reached a spread successful the partition wherever idiosyncratic had near a lawsuit of h2o and bars of chocolate, she said. Shortly after, US Customs and Border Protection agents arrived to transport them to a detention halfway successful Yuma, wherever they were interviewed, fingerprinted and tested for Covid. Claudia's lad was examined by a pediatrician, she said.

        Less than 24 hours later, the household was released aft they requested asylum. They contacted their relatives successful Florida who bought them airplane tickets to Miami.

        Under the 1996 Cuban Adjustment Act, Cubans who walk a twelvemonth successful the US are capable to use to go imperishable residents.

          Claudia says she is inactive disorientated by beingness successful the US, but that her family's unsafe travel was worthy the risks.

          "I consciousness liberated," Claudia said. "I americium different idiosyncratic now, I consciousness reborn."

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