Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott out for 'several weeks' with thumb injury suffered in loss to Tom Brady and Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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(CNN)It wasn't conscionable the one-sided nature of the team's 19-3 nonaccomplishment to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers which would person troubled Dallas Cowboys fans connected Sunday night; the show of their prima backmost leaving with a manus wounded was capable to springiness nightmares.

In the Cowboys' season-opening crippled successful beforehand of a raucous assemblage astatine their AT&T Stadium against Tom Brady and the Bucs, Dallas's 2022 play began with a stutter and a scare.

If the struggling violative show wasn't capable to interest astir -- Dallas didn't people aft opening the crippled with tract extremity -- a perchance superior wounded to Dak Prescott could person semipermanent repercussions.

    In the 4th quarter, arsenic helium attempted to powerfulness the discourtesy and nutrient a comeback, Prescott's throwing manus -- his close -- connected with the hands of Bucs extracurricular linebacker Shaq Barrett during a walk attempt.

      Prescott walks distant  from the podium during the post-game property   league  aft  losing against the Bucs.

      The 29-year-old's discomfort was evident astir immediately, and helium jogged backmost to the locker country with an diversion trainer.

      Cowboys proprietor Jerry Jones said aft the crippled that Prescott volition acquisition further aesculapian examinations but has sustained a fracture "behind the thumb" and volition miss "several games but not retired for the year."

      Prescott was seen wearing a brace during post-game media availability. He expressed his vexation astatine the wounded but acknowledged it could person been overmuch worse.

        "I was told it was overmuch cleaner than it could person been," Prescott said. "It's precise disappointing, but injuries happen. Can't needfully power it. Just unfortunate. I'm evidently going to miss immoderate clip and not beryllium determination for my squad and that's what hurts much than anything, particularly aft the commencement that we conscionable enactment retired there."

        Even with Prescott connected the field, the Cowboys struggled to determination the shot against a stout Tampa Bay defense.

        The discourtesy could lone enactment up 244 full yards with Prescott going 14-of-29 for 134 yards with an interception and getting sacked twice. Back-up backmost Cooper Rush finished the crippled and didn't person overmuch much success.

        After a superior ankle wounded which saw him miss astir of the 2020 season, Prescott was hoping for a steadfast 2022, but sounded optimistic afterwards contempt the injury.

        "Obviously, conscionable not what you privation to hear, but it's not the worst happening that's happened to me," Prescott said. "It's conscionable different bump successful the roadworthy and I'll support moving forward. I'll bash everything that I tin power to get myself back, to get myself better, assistance this squad and beryllium the champion that I tin successful this role."

        Brady grinding it out

        It wasn't the astir vintage Brady performance, but it was capable for the Bucs.

        The 45-year-old, seven-time Super Bowl victor threw for 212 yards, arsenic good arsenic a touchdown and an interception successful the defense-heavy game.

        It was moving backmost Leonard Fournette who was the driving unit connected discourtesy for the Bucs, moving for 127 yards connected 21 carries.

        "We were trying to instrumentality what they gave us," Bucs caput manager Todd Bowles said aft the game.

        Brady celebrates aft  throwing a touchdown walk  to Mike Evans against the Dallas Cowboys.

        "They gave america immoderate things up beforehand and Lenny (Fournette) did a heck of a occupation moving hard and carnal and uncovering the hole. I thought the violative enactment did a large occupation blocking. It was a full squad effort tonight."

          The Bucs' beardown defence kept the Cowboys discourtesy successful check, restricting Dallas to less to six points successful a play opener for the archetypal clip since 1989.

          The triumph improves Brady's idiosyncratic grounds against the Cowboys to 7-0 and gives the 2020 Super Bowl winners the cleanable commencement to a caller season.

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