Dave Chappelle Opens Up About The 'Ugly' Side Of Will Smith After Oscars Slap

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Comedy icon Dave Chappelle said Will Smith’s “mask” came disconnected erstwhile helium slapped Chris Rock astatine the Oscars earlier this year, revealing thing disfigured beneath. And helium said hopes the disguise stays off.

“A batch of radical hide who Will Smith is,” Chappelle said during an lawsuit with Rock successful Liverpool past week, according to the Telegraph. He reminded the assemblage that the histrion was from a unsmooth portion of Philadelphia.

“Then, 10 minutes earlier helium was astir to get the biggest award… helium acted similar helium was backmost successful Philadelphia,” Chappelle said.

He added:

“Will did the content of a cleanable idiosyncratic for 30 years, and helium ripped his disguise disconnected and showed america helium was arsenic disfigured arsenic the remainder of us. Whatever the consequences are… I anticipation helium doesn’t enactment his disguise backmost connected again and lets his existent look breathe.”

“I spot myself successful some men,” Chappelle said.

Chappelle was attacked connected signifier a small much than a period aft the Oscars. Rock was successful attendance.

Both Rock and Chappelle joked astir their attacks astatine a tiny nine amusement successful Los Angeles days later.

“At slightest you got smacked by idiosyncratic of repute,” Chappelle told Rock, per The Hollywood Reporter. “I got smacked by a stateless feline with leaves successful his hair.

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