Dbrand’s Arachnoplates arguably look better than Sony’s Spider-Man PS5

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Would you rather have a spider-tastic PS5 designed to promote a very specific game or one that looks like a work of art? Dbrand pitches its new Arachnoplates as a substitute for Sony’s sold-out Spider-Man 2 console covers — but I actually think they look better!

Here are the original Sony plates, as a refresher:

Image: Sony

Now, here’s Dbrand’s Arachnoplates again:

Image: Dbrand

Image: Dbrand

Image: Dbrand

It’s a bit more graphic novel, a bit more obviously Spider-Man vs. Venom, and without any corporate logos in the way. No easter eggs this time, either, says CEO Adam Ijaz — “the product is strictly focused on better execution than anyone else in the market.” Read: you won’t be secretly flipping off Sony the way the Zelda skin flipped off Nintendo.

You’ll pay the same $65 that Sony charged for its limited-edition plates — though that doesn’t include the middle skin ($15) or color-changing red light strips ($10) that complete the look. They’ll ship October 20th with free shipping to the US and Canada, though they’ll also ship around the world.

Dbrand’s still selling its transparent Retro Darkplates for PS5, too, as well as its jet black ones. None of them have the same “popped collar” look as Sony’s, because lawyers.

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